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Keep your slide decks consistent and up-to-date with your entire team and customers – at all stages of the sales process.

Trusted by +300 companies worldwide

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Sales doubled, and substantial time savings after using Seidat

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Always Up to Date

Keep your slides always up to date, for everyone. Cloud-based Seidat makes it easy to manage your presentations from one place, easily accessible for your team and shared for your customer.

Sell Anywhere, Anytime

Smoothly present and sell whether your customer is right next to you or on the other side of the world.

Feature, enchance your sales flow

Enhance Your Sales Flow

Integrations and tracking makes Seidat a seamless part of your sales flow.

How Seidat Helps Your

Sales team

You get a platform for interactive meetings and great sales flow. Create memos and proposal presentations, share them easily with your customers and know if they’ve opened your links.

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With Seidat brand settings and smart slides, you’ll be able to ensure your colleagues always use the latest materials with the latest brand colors, fonts & images. Integrate Seidat with your marketing analytics and automation. Seidat is also a great tool to use in events and trade fairs.

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Seidat fits in perfectly as a part of any IT ecosystem as it is browser-based, does not require installations and has an API. We provide active support for all of our customers with quick responses in our chat.

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Increase transparency within the company and enable a better sales concept with more consistent results. Seidat provides marketing and sales data to improve your operational excellence.

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The Many Features of Seidat


  • Seidat matrix structure

    Matrix Navigation

    Seidat’s two-dimensional matrix navigation in the presentations enables you to choose your slide path on the spot. You can organise your slides according to your chosen hierarchy. E.g. so that you can do a shorter presentation on the top level or dive deeper into more detail. This makes presenting more flexible for you and more interesting to your audience as you only have to show the most relevant slides.

  • Seidat smart slides

    Smart Slides

    Usually, about 80% of slides companies use are identical in all presentations. With the Smart Slide feature, you can link all these identical slides together to be updated in one place. This saves you a ton of time and you can be sure everything is up to date and under control at all times for everyone.

  • Mobile sized device

    Easy editing

    Seidat’s presentation editor is easy for anyone to use. Upload your logos and images, use your brand font, create new slides or use templates to create presentations.

  • Seidat presenter view & Notes

    Presenter View & Notes

    Seidat’s extensive presenter view enables you to see all of your slides at one glance and smoothly pick any slide you want to show. See your team’s shared slide notes and stay on top of your game.


    Tracked Link Sharing

    Using shared link tracking you can see which presentations have been viewed and for how many times – in real-time. Personalise your links to see who the viewer was as well!

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