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Create interactive presentations to support the conversation and attract your audience. Easily embed videos, 3D content, and other websites.

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Smoothly present and sell in any circumstance, whether your customer is right next to you or on the other side of the world.

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Keep your team on track by defining your brand, assigning appropriate rights, and controlling shares in a straightforward way.

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Get our free Presentation guide to get all the best tips for creating and developing your presentation materials to the next level.
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Create successful business slide decks

with our easy to use pitch deck platform

Seidat lets you create successful slide decks for any occasion, with your team or on your own. Easily share your deck, live or at your audience’s leisure.

Keep everything up to date online, and sync your presentations with each other with the help of our smart slides. Fit your slide decks to your customers on-site thanks to our two-dimensional matrix navigation and simple internal slide links.

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We have lots of experience in all kinds of slide decks. We have done dozens of presentation projects for sales, marketing, training purposes as well as traditional company decks.

We offer slide deck design, consultation and training services. Ask us for the service and pricing catalogue.
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Our story

Read the story behind Seidat company and the pitch deck platform.

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