Guides and Lead magnets

Seidat is not just a comprehensive sales presentation platform focused on visuals; it can also double as a dynamic lead generation tool.

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Turn your presentations into lead magnets

Lead generation isn’t just a marketing task; it’s one of the building blocks of your growth strategy. But how do you ensure your approach stands out, engages prospects, and ultimately converts them into customers? Especially given that there are countless tools and methods available nowadays. Read below how Seidat supports your lead-collecting processes.

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Challenges faced when collecting leads with presentations

  • How to simplify the sharing and embedding of lead generation materials such as guides?
  • How to automate lead collection for efficiency?
  • How to gain insights into leads interaction with shared materials for timely response and engagement recognition?
  • How to consistently update and maintain lead-generation content?

Seidat as a Lead Magnet

Seidat’s solution for these challenges

  • Seidat’s Link Share enables the sharing and embedding of all materials with personalized links
  • Seidat offers automation integration possibilities for lead collection together with the shared links
  • Seidat provides insights into user interactions through email notifications and in-app trackers on said links + analytics integrations
  • Seidat’s cloud-based platform and smart slides ensure that lead generation content is always up-to-date

Winning sales flow with Seidat

How Seidat benefit your lead generation process?

  • The ease of sharing and embedding with link share ensures wider distribution, increasing the potential reach and impact of your materials
  • Automations streamline lead collection, reducing manual efforts. This saves time and enhances efficiency
  • More informed decision-making and possibilities for timely responses to engaged leads
  • Consistency in lead generation materials maintains a professional image and relevance, crucial for effective lead engagement

Seidat features for lead generation

  • Link Share

    Easily share your presentation with anyone by delivering a link. Set an expiration date and see how many times the link has been opened or if it has been opened at all. You can also get notified when the shared link has been opened.

    Thanks to Seidat’s versatile content options, one shared link can contain an unlimited number of slides with videos, websites, 3D images, forms, links etc. There is no longer a need for multiple attachments in your emails!

  • Mobile sized device
    Seidat Media Bank feature

    Multimedia content

    In addition to using images and texts in your slides, you can embed videos, 3D content, panoramas, GIF animations, websites, web forms, Google Sheet graphs and anything you can think of onto your presentations.

  • zapier logo

    Zapier (4000+ apps)

    Zapier is an automation and integration tool that works without having to code. Use it to easily create automation between Seidat and numerous different apps and software.

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    Tracked Link Sharing

    Using shared link tracking you can see which presentations have been viewed and for how many times – in real-time. Personalise your links to see who the viewer was as well!

  • Seidat-analytics-integrations

    Analytics Integrations

    Collect data of the people viewing and visiting your presentations by integrating your analytics apps with Seidat. Analyse your presentation usage internally as well as externally and use the data to develop your ways of working.

    • Google Analytics
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Google Data Studio
    • Leadfeeder
    • Hubspot

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Seidat references

To Every Phase | Inhouse Group

Inhouse Group uses Seidat in sales processes e.g. remote and face-to-face meetings and the creation and sending of offers.

“We use Seidat in our sales meetings and in the proposal process.”

Mirva Pasanen, Sales Director, Inhouse Group

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Other Seidat use cases for marketing teams

Material management and development

Design impressive presentations & collaborate while keeping control. With Seidat brand settings and smart slides, you can make sure that the entire team uses up-to-date materials.

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Seidat in exhibitions and events

Seidat is a great tool to use in exhibitions and events. Share your presentation on info screens and use autoplay or run the presentation manually.

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Seidat use cases for keynote speakers

Elevate the overall professionalism as a keynote speaker and effectively engage your audience by leveraging the powerful features and seamless presentation capabilities offered by Seidat

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Embed Seidat to website

Any Seidat presentation can be effortlessly embedded on a website. You just need a shared link and the embed code.

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Automated content creation

With Seidat, salespeople can create and deliver more personalized, interactive, and engaging content and get real-time data to help improve materials.

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