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Seidat Partners Are Ready to Help You

The Seidat partnership means that the company has completed a Seidat certificate, or they have been trained to use the Seidat presentation platform to serve the end customer in the best possible way.

Buorre marketing agency

Buorre is your creative partner in online services, marketing and  product development. We help our customers to find the limitlessness of the growth. Our expertise background is in design, data and technology. 


Myyntivoima is a B2B marketing and sales consulting agency.


Wellbit is an information management company.


Lunni is an IT company developing software for industry.



Visuad is an advertising agency focused on brand development.


Myynninmaailma Seidat partner

Myynninmaailma is an advertising company focused on B2B marketing.


aikon sales Seidat partner

Aikon Sales is your partner for B2B-B4B sales growth in the role of subcontracting.


“I can truly recommend Seidat! I use the program on a daily basis, and never experience errors or issues. It is easy to navigate, but still offers numerous options for design and layout.”

Tanja Smith, Marketing Manager, Tschudi Logistics A/S



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Tschudi Logistics Seidat customer experience
  • Design services

    Setup & Design Services

    Take your sales flow to the next level with great materials. Get a jumpstart for the project with our help!

  • seidat training mapping

    Training & Consulting Services

    Get the full potential out of Seidat, learn new ways to enhance your sales flow and co-operation concept through our customized training sessions.

  • Tablet sized device
    Seidat integration partners

    Integrate Seidat with Your Ecosystem

    Would you like to automate your sales process to the next level?

  • Services structure planning

    Translation services

    Speedy and accurate translation

    With this method translating any Seidat presentation is easy and quick. Use your own translation partner, or let us take care of it all.

    We’ve partnered with Delingua

    Delingua brings to the table their expertise in delivering professional translations across a wide array of languages, ensuring that language barriers are no longer an obstacle for our clients.