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Embed Seidat to website

Any Seidat presentation can be effortlessly embedded on a website. You just need a shared link and the embed code.

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Embedding presentations on your website enhances engagement, making complex information accessible and visually appealing. It diversifies content, boosts SEO, establishes brand authority, encourages easy sharing, facilitates lead generation, and provides valuable data insights.

Maximize the benefits of your presentations!

Challenges when embedding presentations on the website?

  1. How to simplify the embedding of corporate and marketing presentations onto websites and portals?
  2. How to embed existing presentations made with PPT when it does not support embedding?
  3. How to streamline the process so you don’t have to use separate platforms for importing and publishing materials?
  4. How to avoid the need to rerun the process after every update?

Seidat’s solution for these challenges?

  1. With Seidat embed code, you can effortlessly embed presentation on website, you just need a shared link and the embed code!
  2. You can import your PowerPoint files (.pptx, .ppt, .odp) directly to Seidat where you can edit, present, embed, and share them
  3. Seidat eliminates the need for multiple platforms by providing a unified solution where you can effortlessly create and share your materials all in one place
  4. Seidat smart slides help you keep presentations up-to-date with less manual work. Smart slides are slides that can be used in multiple presentations at the same time

How Seidat benefit your embedding process?

  1. By generating a Seidat share link, and popping it on your webpage, embedding is simple and fast!
  2. Seidat supports Powerpoint importing, offering versatility and direct integration that other platforms may lack
  3. Seidat works as an all-in-one platform, so you can utilize all your materials from one place; also use the same slides in different materials that can all be updated with one click
  4. You embed the Share link script once, then update slides in Seidat, => always up-to-date

Seidat features for the embedding process

  • embed as iframe

    Embed as iframe

    You can embed your Seidat presentations as part of your website, intranet or anywhere you like with an iframe. This way you’ll integrate your website and Seidat together. You can get a ready-built embed code easily from Seidat to paste onto your website.

  • seidat smart slides 2

    Smart Slides

    Usually, about 80% of slides companies use are identical in all presentations. With the Smart Slide feature, you can link all these identical slides together to be updated in one place. This saves you a ton of time and you can be sure everything is up to date and under control at all times for everyone.

  • Mobile sized device
    Seidat Media Bank feature

    Multimedia content

    In addition to using images and texts in your slides, you can embed videos, 3D content, panoramas, GIF animations, websites, web forms, Google Sheet graphs and anything you can think of onto your presentations.

  • zapier logo

    Zapier (4000+ apps)

    Zapier is an automation and integration tool that works without having to code. Use it to easily create automation between Seidat and numerous different apps and software.

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Sharing Content | Visit Vaasa

Seidat has made our work easier and faster. We can today share professional materials in a painless and stylish way to anyone, completely in real-time and still edit the material. I can recommend Seidat to other companies and organizations at any time.”

Max Jansson, Managing Director, Visit Vaasa

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Other Seidat use cases for sales

Seidat in exhibitions and events

Seidat is a great tool to use in exhibitions and events. Share your presentation on info screens and use autoplay or run the presentation manually.

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Seidat use cases for keynote speakers

Elevate the overall professionalism of the keynote speaker and engage your audience with Seidat.

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Guides & Lead magnets

Seidat is not just a comprehensive sales presentation platform focused on visuals; it can also double as a dynamic lead generation tool.

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