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Automated content creation

Using AI-powered Seidat automation, you can save an amazing amount of time in several sales and marketing cases.

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With AI-enhanced presentations, speakers can effectively create and deliver content that is more personalized, interactive, and engaging, and they can get real-time data that can help them to improve their materials and performance further.

Utilize the benefits of artificial intelligence

Typical challenges when creating personalized presentations?

  1. How to boost efficiency when creating content?
  2. How to streamline the manual process of analyzing large datasets for generating new creative content ideas?
  3. How to avoid the pitfalls of generic content that may not resonate with diverse audience segments?

Seidat’s solution for automating processes?

  • Automate and boost content creation with Seidat through AI integrations
  • Streamline your content analyzation and creation with Seidat through AI integrations and automations
  • You can also utilize your CRM systems together with the AI integrations for more personalized content.

How Seidat benefit your processes?

  1. Seidat’s AI integration can automate content creation, saving time & boosting efficiency. More time to do sales!
  2. Automated analysis through Seidat’s AI integration speeds up the generation of creative content ideas, ensuring a streamlined process for quicker adaptation to market trends
  3. When you utilizing CRM data together with AI in your processes, you can increase the impact and, therefore, engagement of your audience with content that will resonate with them more personally

Seidat features for automating your processes

  • Seidat-analytics-integrations

    Analytics Integrations

    Collect data of the people viewing and visiting your presentations by integrating your analytics apps with Seidat. Analyse your presentation usage internally as well as externally and use the data to develop your ways of working.

    • Google Analytics
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Google Data Studio
    • Leadfeeder
    • Hubspot
  • Seidat-crm-integrations

    CRM Integrations

    There are usually three types of goals in integrating a Seidat and a CRM system:

    • Automatically create presentation materials for Seidat using data from the CRM system (e.g. proposals)
    • Ensures that the offer document in Seidat is linked to the CRM
    • Transfers usage analytics or note data from Seidat to CRM

    All of these goals are united by the ultimate idea of ​​saving time, harmonising processes, improving quality, and increasing sales results.

    The integrations are implemented as direct native integrations, customized using the API or utilizing ready-made Zapier integrations.

    The most typical CRMs to integrate with Seidat are Pipedrive, Hubspot, and Salesforce.

  • Link Share

    Easily share your presentation with anyone by delivering a link. Set an expiration date and see how many times the link has been opened or if it has been opened at all. You can also get notified when the shared link has been opened.

    Thanks to Seidat’s versatile content options, one shared link can contain an unlimited number of slides with videos, websites, 3D images, forms, links etc. There is no longer a need for multiple attachments in your emails!

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    Other Seidat use cases for marketing teams

    Seidat in exhibitions and events

    Seidat is a great tool to use in exhibitions and events. Share your presentation on info screens and use autoplay or run the presentation manually.

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    Seidat use cases for keynote speakers

    Elevate the overall professionalism of the keynote speaker and engage your audience with Seidat.

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    Guides & Lead magnets

    Seidat is not just a comprehensive sales presentation platform focused on visuals; it can also double as a dynamic lead generation tool.

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    Embed Seidat to website

    Any Seidat presentation can be effortlessly embedded on a website. You just need a shared link and the embed code.

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