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Automate sales workflows to focus on winning more deals

Plug in Seidat into any of your current Zaps to get rid of manual work phases. Create new automated workflows to boost sales productivity without writing any code.

Zapier + seidat

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Faster quote process when CRM integration is in use


-5 h


Over 5 hours of manual work saved per week


-0 h


Zero hours of coding needed to set up automated workflows
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“Creating offers with the Seidat Zapier automation saves time and minimizes mistakes. When we use Seidat for offers instead of PDF’s (or similar), we are able to create significantly more visually pleasing offers and stand out from our competitors.”

Mikko Happonen, Sales Director, Kuopion Ykköstilit

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Example of Zapier automation

Zapier Seidat timeline

This example shows an automated workflow where data is grabbed from CRM to modify or create a presentation in Seidat and the presentation is then attached to a deal in CRM. Once this is done, a notification is sent through email and instant message to keep the sales team updated on the deal status.

A better way to sell with Seidat & Zapier

(and ANY amount of platforms)

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Seidat & Zapier integration

Let the integration automatically create sales presentations for you

Set triggers for creating presentation templates. Once a trigger occurs, pre-selected texts are replaced and a new presentation link is added to your CRM. Combine the automation with other necessary platforms in your sales stack.

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Seidat & Zapier proposal creation

Create & send tailor-made proposals with just a few clicks

Add text content from external sources using placeholders. Save hours per rep each week by skipping manual & repetitive parts of personalizing proposals. Even if your CRM doesn’t have all the info needed for the proposal at the time, you can edit it afterwards in Seidat.

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Seidat & Zapier AI content

Run AI-based lead magnet campaigns with Seidat Zapier integration

Choose which data AI should use, i.e., title, industry, location, etc, to personalize your lead magnet content. Create a new automation in Zapier and set a trigger for sending a lead magnet modified by AI. Track open rates in your campaign and follow up with prospects just at the right time.

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Seidat & Zapier internal communication

Automate internal communication on new sales presentations and templates

Say goodbye to sales meetings with outdated materials and welcome a new way of sales where your reps always get notified on the latest changes.

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