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For Winning Sales Flow

Every great company has a story behind it.
We want to help you tell yours better.

The Story Behind Seidat

Meetings, both face-to-face and remote, can be made easier by having an established concept and presentation materials that support the story. As the presentation proceeds consistently and supports the presenter, it is more likely that the message will be delivered.

We have a lot of experience in building various presentation materials for sales, marketing, business and training purposes. For a long time we made presentations with more traditional methods under our sister company’s (Buorre’s) name, until we got tired of inflexible presentation tools. So, we developed our own, more versatile sales flow platform that scales with any growing team.

Seidat Enables Winning Sales Flows

Seidat meets today’s challenges in terms of editing, managing, presenting, sharing and analysing flexible presentations, and is suitable for both smaller local – and larger international companies.

Today (2023), Seidat Ltd is a company of more than ten people presenting four different nationalities. We send invoices to 9 countries and we have active users in 30 countries.

You can try Seidat platform independently at and set up a team for your business, or get in touch with us, so we can get into your materials together and make them suit your goals. Read more about Seidat features here.

Story behind our name Seidat

In traditional beliefs of the Sami people in Arctic Europe, the seidat (plural of seita) were holy places. The seita had power over nature, and provided fortune in livelihood to those that hunted or fished for them.

The Sami depended on the seidat for success in their livelihood. In today’s world of business and technology, presentations serve a similar purpose, often making or breaking the success of products and ventures.

However, we believe that great presentations are not one-way streets, but instead act as gathering points that support storytelling and communication, much like campfires or seidat.

Our aim is to help businesses easily create and maintain presentations that can successfully tell the stories and support the discussions that will sell their products.

Our mission is to enable winning sales flows