Seidat Terms of Service

Version 1.4. Effective as of 1st of January 2023. 

Replaces Seidat Terms of Service published on 7th of April 2021 (version 1.3.). The previous version can be found here.


These Terms and Conditions (later; “Terms“) govern Your (later; “Customer“, “You“, “Account“, or “User“) access and use of Seidat Platform (later; “Product“, “Service“, or “Application“) provided by Seidat (later; “Company“, “We“, or “Us“).

You agree to these Terms and our Privacy Policy by using the Service.

We reserve the right to update and change these Terms without prior notice. Users will be notified about the updates and changes via email and/or inside the Application as in-app notifications. By continuing to use the Service, You accept the latest Terms.

We withhold the right to terminate any Account based on violations of these Terms.


  1. During registration (signup process), You must provide Your full legal name, valid email address, and any requested information to complete the signup and become a User
  2. The Account is personal and may not be used by others. Creating shared Accounts is forbidden and can be removed without prior notice. As a default, general emails like or are prohibited but can be approved by Seidat in some cases.
  3. To register for and use the Service, You must be
    1. be 16 or older;
    2. be human (Accounts created by “bots” or through other automated ways are not allowed and can be terminated without prior notice.);
    3. have the power to enter a binding contract with Us and not be barred from doing so under applicable laws;
    4. promise that any registration information You submit to Seidat is true, accurate, and complete, and you agree to keep it that way at all times;
    5. maintain the Account and password secure. We will not and cannot be liable for any loss from a User’s failure to keep their Account and password safe;
  4. An Account can be used in up to three different browsers or devices simultaneously.
  5. Use of the Service for anything illegal is forbidden. User and/or Team Owner are responsible for the legality of any content or material created, uploaded, posted or shared through the Service and that they are used legally. The User must always obey all local, state, and international laws in their jurisdiction when using the Service. We are not responsible for and cannot be held liable for the User or Team’s content.
  6. The User is ultimately responsible for all content posted, shared, and any activity under the User’s account. 
  7. We will never ask for the User’s login credentials (other than through the Service to ascertain Account ownership) and will never act through the User’s account.
  8. A User can be part of one or more Teams (described in detail under Team Terms).


  1. A Team is a “loginless group account” intended for collaboration that can include any number of individual Users occupying Seats
  2. To access, modify or share their Team’s content or settings, Users must connect through their Accounts.
  3. Team management:
    1. A Team is managed by the Owner(s) and Admin(s) (later collectively; “Admins“). A Team can have any number of Owners or Admins, but each Team has to have at least one Owner.
    2. Users can be added or removed from the Team, or their user permission changed by the Admins
    3. Each User occupies a Seat in the Team.
    4. A Team can have any number of Seats.
    5. The user permissions determine what the User can do on behalf of the Team.
    6. The Owner can revoke their Owner rights if the Team has another Owner.
    7. Owners are ultimately responsible for the Team’s Users and the use of the Service.
    8. Users in multiple Teams occupy a Seat in all of the Teams. 
    9. Free users (Seidat employees and selected partners) do not occupy Seats.
  4. Team’s content:
    1. Content includes, but is not restricted by, all Team’s presentations, slides, images, and all similar content. Content in this context also refers to the Team’s settings
    2. The Team holds all content.
    3. The Users added to the Team can view, manage and, in other ways, interact with the content if they have the necessary permissions. 
    4. The Owner will always have access to all Team’s content and settings.
    5. If a User is removed from a Team, they will lose access to the Team and its content, including any content created or uploaded by the User to the Team. Being removed from a Team does not affect the content of other Teams where the User is a member.


  1. We offer multiple Plans with varying features and services at different prices. Current standard Plans can be found on the pricing page or by contacting sales.
  2. Each Plan has a base fee that grants all of the Team’s Users access to all Plans’ features.
  3. All Team Seats have a separate base fee. 
  4. The Subscription Price (later; Price) consists of Plan’s base fee and fee from each Seat added to the Team for one Payment Cycle.
  5. Paid Plans are only available to registered organisations (companies, charities, governments, universities, etc.).
  6. Seidat can restrict free plans’ features and/or user amounts without prior notice.
  7. We reserve the right to modify Plans in any way. The effects will occur once the Contract Period (later; Contract) has ended.
  8. Downgrading your Plan may cause the loss of features or capacity of your account. Seidat has no liability for such loss.


  1. New Teams or Teams on the free plan and have not used the Trial in the past are eligible for a free Trial period of 14 days to test any Paid Plan
  2. To continue using the Service after the Trial on a Paid Plan, Admins must fill in the necessary payment details through the Service. Teams without payment details will be automatically cancelled. 
  3. Admins can make changes to or discontinue the Service without restrictions during the Trial. The Team can also be changed to a free subscription at any time.
  4. The Owner will be notified by email and/or in-app message that the Trial is ending. 
  5. Trials are only granted once to a single organisation/person.
  6. The remaining time on the Trial will be lost if the Team is changed to a free subscription during the Trial.
  7. Seidat has the right to restrict the number of Users in a Team during a Trial to combat potential spam.


  1. A Subscription is a contract between Seidat and the Customer if the Customer is on a Paid Plan.
  2. Upgrades to a Paid Plan can be done by the Admins at any time through the Service and/or by contacting Seidat Support Agent through in-app chat or other channels. Cancellations or Downgrades can be made only by contacting the Seidat Support Agent.
    1. Upgrades include adding new Seats to fit additional Users or upgrading the Paid Plan to access more features.
    2. Downgrades are changes that include reducing the number of Seats or downgrading the Paid Plan.
    3. Cancellation sets the team to cancel its Subscription at the end of the Contract Period
  3. The Subscription has a set Contract Period (later; Contract), chosen by the Customer. The Subscription renews automatically after each Contract unless cancelled by the Customer. The new Contract Period will remain the same as the previous Contract Period.
    1. The contract Period can be 1, 3, 6, 12, 24, 36, or 60 months or any other period agreed upon between Seidat and the Client. The Contract Period length can be changed at any time. The changes will take effect after the active Contract Period has come to an end.
    2. Upgrading Paid Plan will start a new Contract Period. Any unused time (credit) on the old plan will count towards the new subscription.
    3. Adding Seats will not start a new Contract Period. These added Seats will be charged immediately.
    4. Downgrades and Cancellations take effect at the end of the active Contract Period. No refunds are paid or unused time prorated (given as credit).
    5. All prices will remain fixed for the entire Contract Period
  4. Admins can also choose a suitable Payment Period. The Payment Period determines how frequently a charge is made during the Contract Period
    1. For example, a Team can be on 24 month Contract Period and 3 month Payment Period. Their Price would remain the same for 24 months, and they would be charged every 3 months.
    2. The Payment Period can be 1, 3, 6, or 12 months or any other period agreed upon between Seidat and the Client.
    3. The Payment Period cannot be longer than the Contract Period.
  5. If not separately agreed upon, The Contract Period will equal The Payment Period.


  1. Customers will be charged as the new Payment Period starts for the entire Price.
  2. Accepted payment methods are credit and debit cards, invoicing and Seidat Coins (described in the chapter “Seidat Coins“).
  3. Debit or credit card terms:
    1. We use Stripe as a third-party partner to handle all debit and credit card charges. Stripe is a certified payment service provider with verified PCI level 1 security status. Sensitive card information (number, CVC) will be sent directly to Stripe and stored by them. We only store the name on the card, the last four digits and the expiration date.
    2. The Customer authorises Seidat to use Stripe as a third-party partner to handle credit or debit card details and charges based on your Subscription. Customers also accept that Seidat stores the name on the card, the last four digits and the expiration date on our servers.
  4. Invoicing terms:
    1. Invoiced amounts are payable within ten (10) days from the invoice date unless otherwise specified in the contract.
    2. The Customer authorises Seidat to store all relevant invoicing details if invoicing is chosen as the billing method. Customers are responsible for ensuring that the correct billing information is filled in and updated to the Team.
  5. Seidat’s bank accounts are in Finland, and prices are set in Euros. We aren’t responsible for any fees Your bank or credit card company may charge for currency conversion or payments abroad.
  6. If a subscription is not paid for on time, the Account or Team will be frozen until the outstanding charges have been paid. The Account or Team and all its content remain, but content access will be blocked.
  7. All fees are exclusive of all taxes, levies, or duties imposed by taxing authorities in your local jurisdiction. The Customer is responsible for payment of all such taxes, levies, or duties, excluding only Finnish Value Added Tax (VAT or ALV). The Company will collect these taxes on behalf of the customer’s company and pay them to the tax authority.
  8. Customers in the EU VAT area must provide a valid VAT number to Seidat.

Modifications to the Pricing

  1. Seidat will inform Customers of changes in their pricing at least one (1) month before the change. The information will be available on the website or in the Service, and team Owners will receive an email. Customers will have the possibility to change their subscription before the change in prices through the Service or by contacting sales
  2. All prices will remain fixed for the entire Contract Period.
    1. If the Customer’s Subscription Price is less than the published standard prices at the end of the Contract Period, the Price will be increased by 5% for the following Contract Period. The Price cannot be raised to be more than the published general prices. The change will be visible in the Team and/or in the email Owners receive before the contract term renewal.

Cancellation and Termination

  1. Seidat has the right to block, suspend (deactivate) or terminate (delete) any account based on violations of these Terms. Seidat also has the right to deny any future use of the Service.
  2. Seidat has the right to cancel the free use of the Service at any time for any reason and any paid subscription by the end of the Contract Period by giving prior notice.
  3. Accounts and Teams that are frozen or otherwise lacking activity (login, access, or payment) for two (2) years are deemed inactive. Any inactive Account or Team may be permanently removed. The Owner(s) will be notified by email before any action is taken.
  4. Account deletion can be made on request by emailing All content (presentations, pictures, etc.) will be permanently erased when an account is deleted. Cached content may temporarily remain on our servers.
  5. Admins can cancel their Subscription by contacting or using the in-app chat. The Admins are free to cancel their Subscription anytime, and cancellations will occur at the end of the Contract Period
  6. Cancellation does not result in the immediate removal of content from the Service but will result in blocked access to content at the end of the current Contract Period.
  7. Neglecting any bills from the Company is not considered a cancellation of the Subscription. Outstanding payments will still be charged or billed despite a Subscription being cancelled.
  8. Customers paying by invoice have a 14-day termination period. Only cancellations done 14 days before the new Contract Period will prevent a charge for the upcoming period. 
  9. Customers with the card as a payment method have no termination period. They can cancel at any time before the next Contract Period starts to avoid being charged for the period.
  10. Customers with unpaid Payment Periods during their active Contract Period are required to pay the payments until the end of the Contract Period.

Modifications to the Service

  1. Seidat will make reasonable efforts to keep the Service operational and working as intended. However, maintenance or technical difficulties can result in occasional interruptions. Maintenance and modifications may be done with or without notice.
  2. We reserve the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, functions and features of the Service and the Service as a whole. In the unlikely case that the Service is discontinued, the Users will be notified well in advance.
  3. The Company is not liable to the User, Customer or any third party for any modification, price change, suspension, or discontinuance of the Service.

Copyright and Content Ownership

  1. All content uploaded to the service must comply with the copyright laws in the User’s jurisdiction. Users can upload copyrighted material (fonts, pictures, videos, etc.) to the Service as long as they have the right to use it. The User is always responsible for the material they upload; ultimately, the Owner(s) are responsible for all material in the Team. Seidat cannot be held liable for material Users have uploaded to the Service and that they display (share or show) to others.
  2. The Company claims no intellectual property rights over the material Users provide to the Service. All material uploaded will remain in the Team’s possession.
  3. The Company does not pre-screen material uploaded by the User. Still, it reserves the right (but not the obligation) to remove material and content determined to be unlawful, violating intellectual property rights or violating these Terms. All illegal material will be removed from the Service, and the User and/or Team will be suspended or terminated.
  4. Seidat owns the Service and its copyrights with all rights reserved. You may not copy or reuse any design elements or codebase portion. Any code or material licensed is the property of its respective owner.

Seidat Coins

  1. Seidat Coins are a virtual currency (team credit) that can be used for payments of the Service or Professional Services. They offer the customer flexibility to pay fees in bulk and avoid smaller individual transactions.
  2. If the Team has Seidat Coins, they will be used instead of the required primary payment method for any payment. The rest will be charged with the primary payment method if the Seidat Coins do not cover the whole transaction.
  3. The Seidat Coins can be purchased anytime by contacting Seidat through the in-app chat or other channels. The Seidat Coins can be paid by credit or debit card added to the team or by invoice. 
  4. The Seidat Coins can be earned from campaigns the Company offers its customers. These campaigns can be provided to only a limited number of customers.
  5. Each Seidat Coin is worth one (1) euro (€).
  6. The Seidat Coins balance is visible in the Team or can be requested from customer support.
  7. Seidat Coins do not expire.
  8. Seidat Coins are nonrefundable and cannot be changed to any other currency.

Professional Services

  1. Seidat offers Professional Services as part of its service offering. These Professional Services include additional services besides the Service (Seidat Platform). These services include but are not limited to consulting, training, setup or integrations between the Service and third-party service providers.
    1. If no rate for Professional Services is given or stated, We use our current standard pricing that can be requested from sales. 
    2. The proposal, similar document, or a webshop describes the package prices. 
  2. The Company has the right to charge the Client for travel expenses on travels longer than 30km from the employee’s primary place of work if the work is conducted at the Client’s premises.
    1. Travel by car: 0,90€ / km, additional persons 0,45€ per person.
    2. Travel by other modes of transport: based on the actual expenses + 40€ (excluding VAT) / hour.
  3. Professional Services will be charged in two parts, half before the work has started and a half after the project or a separate piece of a larger service package has been completed. Longer payment cycles are possible; contact sales to learn more.
  4. Subscription will start once the Professional Service project starts unless Seidat and the Customer agree otherwise.
  5. Intellectual property rights (in particular, all rights of reproduction, representation, adaptation and, more generally, of use) relating to the results of content created by Seidat during the projects are granted to the Customer once the Professional Services have been paid in full. Intellectual property rights transfer excludes direct or indirect modifications to the Service, like integrations.
  6. Seidat utilises general terms (later; IT2022) in conjunction with these Terms provided by the Finnish Chamber of Commerce. The IT 2022 terms apply to Professional Services, but not to the Service itself. If there are discrepancies between these Terms and the IT2022 terms, these Terms prevail.
    6.1. The applicable IT2022 terms can be requested from sales.

General Conditions

  1. Any Service use is at the User’s and Company’s own risk. The Service is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis.
  2. Any access to your Account is always done over a secure, encrypted connection using TLS/SSL (HTTPS). 
  3. Technical support is available via email or in-app chat. As a default, selected and screened Seidat Employees (later, Support Agents)  have access to the internal team management portal that allows the Support Agent to join the Customers’ Team if it is required for support cases. This access to join the Team can be disabled in the Service’s settings.
  4. The Company uses third-party vendors and hosting partners to provide the hardware, software, networking, storage, and related technology required to run the Service. Seidat does not warrant or assume responsibility for any third-party partners and cannot be held liable for any downtime or loss caused by third-party partners.
  5. All modifications or hacks to the Service are forbidden.
  6. You are not allowed to impersonate Seidat or falsely imply that you or any website or service is associated with the Service or Seidat.
  7. You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of the Service, use the Service or access the Service unless otherwise agreed between You and the Company.
  8. Seidat has the right to temporarily disable any account that significantly exceeds the intended or average usage of the Service. If possible, the Company will contact the User and/or the Owner before any actions against their account. If excessive use negatively impacts other Users, the Company may take action without notice.
  9. The data storage of the free plan is limited to 1 GB per Team, while the data storage of Teams on Paid Plans is limited to 1 GB per Seat. The Customer may be charged reasonable extra fees for exceeding the prescribed limits unless they promptly reduce their usage to within limits once notified.
  10. Only content intended for the User’s or Team’s presentations may be stored in the Service. The Service may not be a general data storage to host or deliver data to unrelated services.
  11. The Company collects and stores anonymous usage data of its users’ actions on Seidat and the Seidat website ( The Company also collects and stores the data needed to provide the Service and any data directly provided by the User. To provide the Service, the Seidat also stores data locally on the User’s device or internet browser (including but not limited to ‘cookies’). By using the Service, you accept and agree to the above.
  12. We do not release the data we collect to any third-party operators in any circumstance. The data is only used to improve the Service, its marketing, and its functionality.
  13. When a User shares a presentation to anyone via Link Share or any other feature provided by Seidat, the User understands that the third party can copy (print screen, for example) any content as long as the link is active. The User can and should remove any links when the third party doesn’t need to see the material anymore. Seidat cannot be held liable for any possible loss resulting from the User sharing any presentation to third parties.
  14. The Company does not guarantee that;
    1.  the Service or Professional Services will meet every User’s or Team’s specific needs;
    2.  the Service or Professional Services will be error-free, secure, and uninterrupted;
    3. the quality of the products, services, information, or other material purchased from The Company will meet your expectations; or
    4. any errors in the Service or Professional Services will be corrected.
  15. The Company cannot be held liable for any User’s content transmitted over various unsecured networks outside the Company’s secured network.
  16. The Company cannot be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or exemplary damages, including, but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data, or other intangible losses resulting from;
    1. inability to use the Service;
    2. the cost of acquisition of substitute services and goods resulting from any goods, information, data or services purchased or obtained entered into through or from the Service;
    3. unauthorised access to or alteration of your presentation or content;
    4. statements or conduct of any third party on the Service; or 
    5. any other matter relating to the Service.
  17. Any new feature or change to the Service and the Service as-is will be subject to these Terms. Continued use of the Service after any change to the Terms shall constitute the User’s consent to such changes.
  18. The Company has a right to enforce and exercise any section of these Terms but is in no way obligated to do so. If the Company chooses not to enforce any section of these Terms, that shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision.
  19. Questions about the Terms should be sent to

Exceptions to Terms for Customers on discontinued plans

  1. Discontinued team packages (plans with a set amount of Content Managers and other users, offered from Q3/2019-31.12.2022) 
    1. Changes in the Subscription’s size (from Team S to Team M, for example) will start a new Contract Period.
    2. Negative prorations (credit) will count towards future charges. Subscription downgrades can be done at any time by contacting us. Once the downgrade is done, the credit is calculated from the next day to the end of the Billing Period.
    3. Discounted team packages only have a base fee and, in some instances, an extra user fee (for any users on top of the standard package)
  2. Discontinued per-seat plan (offered before Q3/2019)
    1. Adding Users to the Team will not change the Billing Period. Billable changes and upgrades (such as added seats) are prorated from the following day. The proration is added to the following charge or invoice on monthly plans. On yearly plans, the proration is charged or invoiced within a billing day.
    2. Discontinued per-seat plans do not have a base fee.