Seidat in events

Seidat in exhibitions and events

Seidat is a great tool to use in exhibitions and events. Share your presentation on info screens and use autoplay or run the presentation manually.

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We understand the power of effective communication in events and trade fairs. In today’s fast-paced business environment, making a lasting impression is more crucial than ever. That’s where presentations come into play, transforming ordinary interactions into extraordinary experiences.

Typical challenges when using presentations at events?

Utilizing presentations at events often poses challenges, like technical glitches and the hurdle of engaging the audience. To tackle these issues, you just need to use the right tools and methods.

  • How can presentations captivate and engage the audience without overloading them with text?
  • How to add the wow-factor to presentations to ensure a lasting impression?
  • How to create meaningful connections through the use of presentations?
  • How to stand out from competitors at events and exhibitions when using presentations?

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How Seidat solve these challenges?

  • Organize information coherently with the Matrix Slide Structure, add engagement with Interactive Elements, and minimize text using versatile content options + slide notes
  • Impress with Seidat’s versatile content options, including videos, gifs, hotspot buttons, embedded elements, and animations & utilize the matrix structure + presenter view for intuitive presentations to make an impact
  • Add social media links through hotspot buttons and embed booking calendars directly into your slides, enhancing engagement and connection with your audience
  • Seidat’s distinctive presenting features, coupled with its innovative creation and sharing capabilities, guarantee a standout experience compared to conventional presentations

How Seidat benefit you in events and exhibitions

  • By captivating audiences with minimal text, presenters can convey information more effectively, having the audience pay attention to them, leading to better understanding, retention, and engagement
  • The inclusion of dynamic features ensures presentations are not only memorable but also facilitate a deeper connection with the audience, enhancing the overall impact of the message
  • Integrating social media links and calendars directly into slides provides a seamless and interactive experience, fostering stronger connections with the audience and facilitating post-presentation engagement
  • Standing out at events and exhibitions is achieved through innovative features, enabling businesses to leave a lasting impression in a crowded and competitive environment

Seidat features for exhibitions and events

  • Using Seidat Offline


    Download your presentation for offline use before meetings that are held out of internet reach. Still get matrix presentation structure and a wide presenter view!

  • Seidat online presenting

    Online presenting

    Seidat’s presenting feature for online meetings, Live Share, enables you to share slides in real-time anywhere in the world, with any device – to any device. Seidat uses very little bandwidth – it is so light to use.

  • Use any device

    Use With Any Device

    Seidat is a browser-based app and it works on any device with any operating system – even on mobile. Have access to your presentations wherever you are!

  • Link Share

    Easily share your presentation with anyone by delivering a link. Set an expiration date and see how many times the link has been opened or if it has been opened at all. You can also get notified when the shared link has been opened.

    Thanks to Seidat’s versatile content options, one shared link can contain an unlimited number of slides with videos, websites, 3D images, forms, links etc. There is no longer a need for multiple attachments in your emails!

  • Seidat matrix structure

    Matrix Navigation

    Seidat’s two-dimensional matrix navigation in the presentations enables you to choose your slide path on the spot. You can organise your slides according to your chosen hierarchy. E.g. so that you can do a shorter presentation on the top level or dive deeper into more detail. This makes presenting more flexible for you and more interesting to your audience as you only have to show the most relevant slides.

  • Seidat presenter view & Notes

    Presenter View & Notes

    Seidat’s extensive presenter view enables you to see all of your slides at one glance and smoothly pick any slide you want to show. See your team’s shared slide notes and stay on top of your game.

  • Mobile sized device
    Seidat Media Bank feature

    Multimedia content

    In addition to using images and texts in your slides, you can embed videos, 3D content, panoramas, GIF animations, websites, web forms, Google Sheet graphs and anything you can think of onto your presentations.

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Seidat references

The Only Presentation Tool | Trustmary

“Every euro spent on Seidat has come back in multiples.”

Johannes Karjula, CEO, Trustmary

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Other Seidat use cases for marketing

Material management and development

Design impressive presentations & collaborate while keeping control. With Seidat brand settings and smart slides, you can make sure that the entire team uses up-to-date materials.

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Guides and Lead magnets

Seidat is not just a comprehensive sales presentation platform focused on visuals; it can also double as a dynamic lead generation tool.

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Embed Seidat to website

Any Seidat presentation can be effortlessly embedded on a website. You just need a shared link and the embed code.

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Automated content creation

With Seidat, salespeople can create and deliver more personalized, interactive, and engaging content and get real-time data to help improve materials.

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Seidat use cases for keynote speakers

Elevate the overall professionalism as a keynote speaker and effectively engage your audience by leveraging the powerful features and seamless presentation capabilities offered by Seidat

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