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Automate your sales process

When you want to get the full potential out of Seidat, integrating it with your sales and marketing software ecosystem is the natural next step. With our direct integrations, API and Zapier integrations we can make almost anything happen. We’re happy to help with the planning as well as the technical part.

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Collect all the relevant data of your interactions with your customer in one place. We can integrate Seidat with almost any modern CRM-system. For example, we can automate content creation based on actions in your CRM or link presentation materials and notes from meetings with your customer data. Ask us for more information!


Analytics integrations

Who’s viewing your presentations and how is Seidat being used in your company? We can make this data easily accessible for you and your colleagues. Integrating different analytics apps and creating visualisations of the collected data is easy for us.


Custom integrations

We have thousands of possibilities with integrations done through our API. Our goal is to make your workflow with presentations as easy as possible. Tell us about your needs and we’ll make it happen!

Media Bank Integrations

Seidat Mediabank integrations

Integrate Seidat’s media bank with your Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, and One Drive to bring assets available to your Seidat workspace members.

Zapier (4000+ apps)

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Zapier is an automation and integration tool that works without having to code. Use it to easily create automation between Seidat and numerous different apps and software.

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Analytics Integrations


Collect data of the people viewing and visiting your presentations by integrating your analytics apps with Seidat. Analyse your presentation usage internally as well as externally and use the data to develop your ways of working.

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Data Studio
  • Leadfeeder
  • Hubspot

CRM Integrations


There are usually three types of goals in integrating a Seidat and a CRM system:

  • Automatically create presentation materials for Seidat using data from the CRM system (e.g. proposals)
  • Ensures that the offer document in Seidat is linked to the CRM
  • Transfers usage analytics or note data from Seidat to CRM

All of these goals are united by the ultimate idea of ​​saving time, harmonising processes, improving quality, and increasing sales results.

The integrations are implemented as direct native integrations, customized using the API or utilizing ready-made Zapier integrations.

The most typical CRMs to integrate with Seidat are Pipedrive, Hubspot, and Salesforce.

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