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Seidat for Sales Teams

Close more deals with a smooth Seidat sales flow and interactive meetings.

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Easy creation of memos & proposals

Create presentation decks using a shared slide bank. Share customised memos and proposal presentations with your customers with links and request e-signature – all in one app.

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For interactive sales meetings

We believe your sales presentation platform should fully support your sales dialogue. Show only the most relevant slides to your customers from a matrix slide deck. Use Seidat on any device in online meetings or face-to-face.

Stay on top with link tracking

See immediately if your customer has opened your proposal presentation or not with Seidat link analytics.

Virtual Sales Guide

Have you already updated your sales concept to today’s standards? We collected the best sales practices in our Virtual Sales Guide. Get the guide delivered to your email and start closing more deals!

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    Sales Flow Tool | Limber

    “Seidat has helped us to manage our materials and perfect our sales flow. As we tune on our presentations we get more and more customers – so they seem to work!”

    Simon Hermans, CEO at Limber 

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    Some of Seidat’s Features for Sales

    • slidebank

      Slide bank

      Every slide you and your team members create is saved to the slide bank in Seidat. Picking slides from there is an easy way to create new slide decks by utilising previously made material.

    • Presenter view & notes Seidat

      Presenter View & Notes

      Seidat’s extensive presenter view enables you to see all of your slides at one glance and smoothly pick any slide you want to show. See your team’s shared slide notes and stay on top of your game.

    • Seidat Live Share online presenting 2

      Online presenting

      Seidat’s presenting feature for online meetings, Live Share, enables you to share slides in real-time anywhere in the world, with any device – to any device. It works even with a weaker internet connection – it is so light to use.

    • Use any device

      Use Any Device

      Seidat is a browser-based app and it works on any device with any operating system – even on mobile. Have access to your presentations wherever you are.

    • eSign

      Seidat eSign

      Get your proposals, contracts and other agreements accepted and signed by your customers by using Seidat’s built-in eSign feature. Request signatures from multiple people and save the PDF documents for later use and/or forward the signed documents automatically to your CRM or other preferred systems. Seidat’s eSign utilises quick and easy-to-use email authentication.

    • Link tracking

      Tracked Link Sharing

      Using shared link tracking you can see which presentations have been viewed and for how many times – in real-time. Personalise your links to see who the viewer was as well!

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