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“I would recommend Seidat to companies that make a lot of sales, marketing, and internal presentations.”

“It’s really fast to make presentations with Seidat. We use smart slides, which means we can pick up ready-made slides for presentations. If they’re updated, they’re updated everywhere.”

Johannes Kumpukoski, Sales director, Paytrail

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“We use Seidat as a tool for new sales and in customer meetings. Seidat is a good tool, especially for remote sales.”

“In 2020, we reached a better result than the previous year, even though all the meetings were practically remote.”

Jaakko Alatyppö, Key Account Manager, ALD Automotive

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“Seidat has improved our work by saving time and making our work smoother, and one big thing is that we don’t have to send sales materials by email anymore.”

Sakari Junes, Sales Manager, Moontalk

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“We took Seidat in use at April of last year, and since then, our monthly turnover has doubled by February of this year”

Tomi Tolonen, Chief of growth & CO-Founder, Strongest Group

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“All of our sales materials are built in Seidat, and at the moment, it is the only sales presentation tool in use for us and we want to keep it that way. We recommend Seidat for all small and medium-sized companies, and we don’t see what company with active sales and marketing activities would not benefit from it.” 

Anna Vekka, Key Account Manager & Auli Kalliokoski, Sales & Marketing

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“For the first time ever, people have complimented our presentations. Customers we’ve had for decades have even found new services from our offering – thanks to the interactive Seidat presentations.”

Marko Kiviniemi, Sales Director at Apex Automation

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“With Seidat, we know that everyone always has the latest information about our products and services, and we don’t have to resubmit materials. This is important to us as it facilitates operational work.”

Isko Lappalainen, Head of Brand, Oomi Energia

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“Every euro spent on Seidat has come back in multiples.”

Johannes Karjula, CEO, Trustmary

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“We are an international company with offices in ten countries. I manage all marketing activities from our office in Denmark, which means that I need an online platform for sharing our company presentations in real-time. Seidat makes it possible for me to edit our presentations without sending the newest version to all employees time and time again. Easy, quick and effective.

Tanja Smith, Marketing Manager, Tschudi Logistics A/S


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“Creating offers with the Seidat Zapier automation saves time and minimizes mistakes. When we use Seidat for offers instead of PDF’s (or similar), we are able to create significantly more visually pleasing offers and stand out from our competitors.”

Mikko Happonen, Sales Director, Kuopion Ykköstilit

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Inhouse Group uses Seidat in sales processes e.g. remote and face-to-face meetings and the creation and sending of offers.

“We use Seidat in our sales meetings and in the proposal process.”

Mirva Pasanen, Sales Director, Inhouse Group

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“Seidat has helped us to manage our materials and perfect our sales flow. As we tune on our presentations we get more and more customers – so they seem to work!”

Simon Hermans, CEO at Limber 

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Seidat has made our work easier and faster. We can today share professional materials in a painless and stylish way to anyone, completely in real-time and still edit the material. I can recommend Seidat to other companies and organizations at any time.”

Max Jansson, Managing Director, Visit Vaasa

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