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Take your sales flow to the next level with great materials. Get a jumpstart for the project with our help!

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Seidat set-up

Let us help you to get started with Seidat. We can set up your workspace with the right brand settings including a colour palette and custom fonts as well as branded presentation templates to make the onboarding process with Seidat easier for you.


Uploading your content

Let’s upload your existing materials to Seidat and start working! We can import your PowerPoints or just the needed assets, images and logos to get your project started. We’ll arrange your content to make it easier to manage and to create new material in the future.


Design new

We can turn an idea into a presentation with the power of our skilled project team on an efficient schedule. The project is light for you but it quickly gives new power to your sales team. Let’s meet and discuss your needs!

Our expertise is to make sure your sales materials help you meet your goals


Are your presentations structured to support your sales goals?

Writing content with a typewriter


Is the content on your slides interesting and versatile enough for your audience?

Visual identity


Are your slides easy on the eye? Is your brand recognisable in all the materials?

Sharing Content | Visit Vaasa

Seidat has made our work easier and faster. We can today share professional materials in a painless and stylish way to anyone, completely in real-time and still edit the material. I can recommend Seidat to other companies and organizations at any time.”

Max Jansson, Managing Director, Visit Vaasa

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    Simplify your workflows by integrating Seidat into your current sales and marketing ecosystem. Get your CRM, marketing automation and analytics data dashboards integrated with Seidat. Use Zapier or get our help with native integrations and automated…

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    Training & Consulting

    Unlock all of Seidat’s benefits for your company’s use with our guidance. Get personalised Seidat training for your salespeople, marketing team, product managers and C-levels to establish a new enhanced working culture with presentations and learn how to…

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