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Seidat for C-levels

Sales flow platform for interactive meetings and better transparency.

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Transparency & Collaboration

Increase the level of transparency in your company by using a shared workspace for your presentation materials. Collaborate better between different departments easily while keeping control.

Better Sales Flow

Make your sales flow smoother for both your salespeople and your customers by using Seidat to support you in every step of your sales process.

Operational Excellence

Boost your operational efficiency with sales and marketing data provided by Seidat and integrated apps. Make Seidat a seamless part of your ecosystem by integrating and optimising your workflows by automation.

Sales Concept Guide

Have you already updated your sales concept to today’s standards? We collected the best sales practices in our sales concept guide. Get the guide delivered to your email and start closing more deals!

    Mobile sized device
    Seidat sales concept guide

    Sales Flow Tool | Limber

    “Seidat has helped us to manage our materials and perfect our sales flow. As we tune on our presentations we get more and more customers – so they seem to work!”

    Simon Hermans, CEO at Limber 

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    Seidat Features for C-levels

    • Mobile sized device

      Slide bank

      Every slide you and your team members create is saved to the slide bank in Seidat. Picking slides from there is an easy way to create new slide decks by utilising previously made material.

    • Seidat matrix structure

      Matrix Navigation

      Seidat’s two-dimensional matrix navigation in the presentations enables you to choose your slide path on the spot. You can organise your slides according to your chosen hierarchy. E.g. so that you can do a shorter presentation on the top level or dive deeper into more detail. This makes presenting more flexible for you and more interesting to your audience as you only have to show the most relevant slides.

    • Seidat esign

      Seidat eSign

      Get your proposals, contracts and other agreements accepted and signed by your customers by using Seidat’s built-in eSign feature. Request signatures from multiple people and save the PDF documents for later use and/or forward the signed documents automatically to your CRM or other preferred systems. Seidat’s eSign utilises quick and easy-to-use email authentication.

    • Shared Dashboard

      In Seidat, all the company’s presentations are managed in one place – Seidat cloud. Each user can customise their own  dashboard so that they can find the latest presentations of the chosen categories – for example, their own sales presentations. The tags used in Seidat make it easy to find the right presentations among the thousands of similar materials. Collaboration is easier and it increases transparency, when everyone has access to all the materials.

    • Seidat-crm-integrations

      CRM Integrations

      There are usually three types of goals in integrating a Seidat and a CRM system:

      • Automatically create presentation materials for Seidat using data from the CRM system (e.g. proposals)
      • Ensures that the offer document in Seidat is linked to the CRM
      • Transfers usage analytics or note data from Seidat to CRM

      All of these goals are united by the ultimate idea of ​​saving time, harmonising processes, improving quality, and increasing sales results.

      The integrations are implemented as direct native integrations, customized using the API or utilizing ready-made Zapier integrations.

      The most typical CRMs to integrate with Seidat are Pipedrive, Hubspot, and Salesforce.

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