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Seidat for Tech & Software

We help you sell tech & software with automated workflows, centralized material management and full analytics on sales materials you send to your customers.

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Seidat tech & Software references

Buying teams have all the power, thanks to the internet


Share of B2B buyer-seller interactions occurring in digital formats according to Gartner


Share of B2B buyers expecting the same buying experience as B2C customers


Share of companies using direct 1-to-1 personalization that observed an increase in market share


Share of tech & data-savvy Millenials and Generation Z in revenue roles

Transform your sales process


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Sales content easily accessible to your whole team

Keep all your sales content up-to-date yet easily accessible for your whole sales team. Set up brand settings to have every sales deck on-brand even if your reps need to modify the details. Get notifications whenever new master presentations or templates are created.

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Seidat eSign

Speed up your sales cycle

Create meeting memos and proposals automatically using data from your CRM. Send trackable sales materials to your customers and follow up with them with perfect timing. See how your materials are shared at your customer companies and which slides interest them the most.

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Seidat & AI

Collaborate with ease & automate manual tasks

Save time and effort with powerful integrations to other tools in your sales stack. Run more interactive sales dialogues with your customers and wow them by embedding any type of multimedia to your slides. Close deals smoothly with Seidat eSignature.

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Sell outcomes instead of software

Use Seidat presentation tool to support the discussion around the value you bring to the table before diving into a software demo. Reach important stakeholders inside customer companies by sending personalized links to your presentations.

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Better leadership

Enhance your leadership capabilities with Seidat’s analytics and automation tools. Gain insights into your team’s performance and foster better collaboration. Keep your sales content up-to-date, ensuring your team always has access to the latest resources. Automate repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on strategic leadership and driving your team toward success.

A word from our founder

“Seidat is tailored for tech and software companies with meeting-based sales processes. Our platform enables dynamic, interactive presentations that can be customized in real-time to meet client needs. With cloud-based collaboration and analytics, your sales team can work more efficiently and close deals faster.

Seidat integrates seamlessly with your existing tools, making it the perfect solution to enhance your sales presentations and drive results.”

Paulus Perkkiö, Founder & CEO, Seidat

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Software companies close more deals with Seidat

  • Sales Flow Tool | Limber

    “Seidat has helped us to manage our materials and perfect our sales flow. As we tune on our presentations we get more and more customers – so they seem to work!”

    Simon Hermans, CEO at Limber 

  • The Only Presentation Tool | Trustmary

    “Every euro spent on Seidat has come back in multiples.”

    Johannes Karjula, CEO, Trustmary