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Use Seidat Live share for presenting your pitch deck during inside sales meetings.
No installations, no hassle needed.

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Make Remote presenting easy

with Seidat Live share

As Seidat Live share does not require a third party screen-share it takes a lot less data connection to run. The slides change faster and there are no freezing screens or faces. The presentations keep their great image and text quality and there is no need for separate video links. The videos can be embedded straight on to your presentation - and directly to your audiences' screens!

It works only by sharing a Live link - no installations, no logins, no browser or device restrictions!

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Seidat - quality

Easy onboardinG

with PowerPoint import

Seidat's user interface for creating and editing content is very intuitive and easy-to-use. But importing your old PowerPoint slides to your Seidat team is also just one click away.

So, sing up, create a team, import your slide decks, put them in your Seidat meeting matrix and start presenting! 

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Use any device

you can present where ever, when ever

You never know when a presentation may be needed. Having your presentations online and up to date, available on any device, means you're always prepared.

Seidat Live share presentation link can also be sent in a text and presented to your customers' smart phone. That's pretty handy!

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Seidat - works on any device
Seidat - presenters' view

Show only the most relevant slides

with Seidat's matrix and presenters' view navigation

Different audiences need different presentations. With Seidat's innovative matrix navigation, you can easily tweak your presentation to fit the occasion - on the spot. Step through the top slides for an elevator pitch, dive into more detail or utilize internal links for even more control.

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Manage all your slide decks

from one place, update only by one click

Seidat is a cloud-based platform which makes team collaboration and content management super easy.

When you're using the exact same content on multiple decks you can choose to use Smart Slides. They are managed from one place but they can be used in multiple decks at the same time making it possible to update dozens of decks just by one click.

Sharing your presentations by a Seidat link is secure and controlled. You can get Google Analytics data on the usage and develop your materials accordingly.

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Seidat - Content management

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