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5 Tips to Boost Your Virtual Sales


Before the coronavirus, virtual sales was an “interesting option” with a hipster-like feeling. The biggest challenge in moving to the virtual sales model was that some buyers felt the salespeople using this sales model were lazy – perhaps even arrogant. Now the tables have turned. Everyone, including buyers, is now working remotely, and they don’t want to meet at the office, but prefer to meet vendors and sellers remotely.

The virtual sales model has come to stay. The same rules apply to virtual sales as for F2F sales. There are no sales without sales actions – work has to be done before you can expect results.

How can virtual sales be made more effective and what should you pay attention to?

Pay attention to the discussion

The virtual sales model is based on discussion and interaction in much the same way as face-to-face sales. Emphasizing the conversation is extremely important in online meetings. It is often subconsciously that the salesperson only begins to present their solution. So, don’t forget to get to know your customer and their needs through a conversation before getting to the solution. For this, the salesperson needs to have good tools to support maintaining a natural conversational connection.

Build trust

The first goal of any sales meeting must be building trust. Virtual sales in particular is based on trust. How you succeed in trust-building will determine the success of your entire sales process. Without trust, there is no openness from the customer’s side, which is needed to discuss their real needs. Without knowing the customer’s real needs, there is no possibility to solve problems (sell anything). But discussing needs can be extremely confidential – who wants to share the business weaknesses or shortcomings with someone they don’t trust? The first impression is a crucial part of trust-building. Visuality is one of the key aids in building the first impression. The better design your materials have and the better “online meeting studio”, the easier it is to continue from the first seconds toward a proposal and then toward closing the deal.

Find the needs and solve them

When trust has been built, the opportunity to discuss real needs opens. When a genuine need that can be resolved by the seller is found – you’re very close to closing the deal. In an online meeting, especially in the need discovery phase, one way to get the conversation going is to present the customer with typical problems they might be facing. A visual and well-prepared sales deck helps here too.

Encourage decision making

You should always encourage your customer to make a decision. If you don’t ask – you don’t get it. The buyer always has options and uncertainty. Take all opportunities to help the buyer to move towards a decision and a better future. In addition to verbal encouragement, you can add a CTA button to your proposal presentation: “ORDER HERE”. By clicking the button, you can close the deal, sign a contract and handshake digitally – or at least in Seidat you can.

Easy access to the meeting

The biggest challenge of online meetings is technology. However, some solutions work easily, without installing any software, without logging in, and on all devices from phones to computers. To make the buying experience better, getting to the meeting should feel easy. When the visual support materials for the sales meeting can be opened during the call by clicking on the link on an SMS or email message, the salesperson can hear the smile on the buyer’s face and a sigh of relief. It is easy to make positive purchasing decisions happily.

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