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5 Easy Steps to Succeed in Online Sales Meetings


As globalisation is taking over and the competition getting harder in cost-efficiency, companies are forced to look for alternative solutions for more cost-effective sales models. For this reason, many companies have adopted a new way to sell their products to clients behind long distances without the need for a face-to-face meeting, Virtual sales. This way, you can triple your meetings and make more sales with less cost.

Telemarketing companies selling low-priced products were the pioneers of this new way of selling already in the 1950s with even weirdly encouraging results.

Before the all-mighty internet, it was not possible to see the other persons’ face or present anything remotely, so this method stayed only in the hands of great spokesmen for low-cost products whereas most of the more costly and/or complex products selling companies remained in the face-to-face meeting sales model. But as technology evolves around us, it is getting easier for everyone (I mean everyone) to get familiar with this more cost-effective sales method.

So, the chance is there, why is everyone not doing it then?

Even though we’re already more than 20 years into this new era of the internet, the actualization of doing remote sales with the help of all these new tools is still not painless. Having to use applications that use screen share and/or video are taking lots of capacity on our devices and our internet connection might not always be strong enough to handle them. This causes errors in the quality of the video and voice which sometimes can make situations awkward, as most of us know from experience. So, it is completely understandable why some of us hate remote meetings. Still, we want to get the great results that are on the other side of mastering remote sales.

So, how do we get there?

Our technique for remote sales is to simply use the good old phone and a Seidat Live share presentation to support our message. The mobile phone connection is usually the most reliable for audio and Seidat Live share covers the visual side and makes sure you’re both (literally) on the same page without a freezing screen. The Seidat Live share does not require any sort of installations, downloads, logins or even a specific browser from your client and it works without screen share – it’s only sharing the presentation in real-time as you’re going through the material.

Feel free to give this technique a try if you’re interested in new ways of making sales 🙂

The 5 easy steps to a successful virtual sales meeting

  1. Log in to Seidat at
  2. Import your presentation or create a new one in Seidat from a template.
  3. Create a Seidat Live link and share the link with your client e.g. by email
  4. Dial the customers’ number on your phone and start selling! 🙂

Watch the video for reference:

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