10 Tips for Making Your Presentations More Interactive


Presentations are a crucial part of any business or educational setting. They aid in conveying information, ideas, and concepts in a concise and engaging manner. But the problem is that very often presentations miss their mark on this, and end up being dull and uninspiring, leaving the audience disengaged and uninterested instead.

So if you have a message that needs to be heard, don’t let your presentations stand in the way of that, and get them to work for you. Here are ten tips that you can use to make your presentations more interactive and engaging:


  1. Know Your Audience: This ofcourse should always come before even creating your presentation. Do your research and understand your audience. Determine their interests, needs, and preferences to make the presentation more relevant and engaging.

  2. Start with a Hook: The first few minutes of your presentation are crucial in capturing your audiences attention. Starting with a hook willl grab their attention and make them curious about what you have to say. 
  3. Incorporate Multimedia & Visual Aids: such as images, videos and animations, graphs, charts, and diagrams. These can help to illustrate your points effectively and break up the text-heavy slides. 
  4. Encourage Participation: ask questions or conduct polls during your presentation. This helps to keep your audience engaged and involved in the discussion. 
  5. Use Interactive Tools: such as quizzes or even games, which can add an element of fun to your presentation while also reinforcing key concepts. 
  6. Use Storytelling: People love stories! So use storytelling techniques to create a narrative or better yet, incorporate anecdotes or real-life examples into your presentation to make it more relatable and memorable. 
  7. Keep it Short: Lengthy presentations can be overwhelming for audiences, so try to keep yours short and sweet by focusing on the most important points. 
  8. Break Up Your Presentation: Smaller sections with breaks in between give people time to absorb what they’ve learned before moving on, and maybe even come up with questions meanwhile. 
  9. Provide Handouts: Physical or digital; Handouts provide additional information for people who want to learn more about the topic after the presentation is over. 
  10. Follow Up Afterwards: Follow up with the attendees after your presentations via email or social media to answer any questions they may have or provide additional resources. This way you’ll show you value their participation and their thoughts.

​​To summarize: it is important to enhance the interactivity and engagement of your presentations to ensure your audience stays interested and invested. Utilizing these ten tips in your upcoming presentations can enable you to create an unforgettable experience that will leave a long-lasting impact on your audience.

Here’s some examples how we at Seidat have enabled making presentations stand out from the traditional materials with our interactive solutions:

  • Matrix view: this feature allows you to oversee where in your presentation you are at any moment, so you can adjust your presentation on the fly to the conversation with your customer. The matrix view ensures that you’re not stuck in a linear presentation that may not be relevant to your customer’s interests.

  • Interactive links: Presenters can create interactive links within their presentations that can redirect viewers to a specific web page, email, or even another slide on the presentation.
  • Multimedia Integration: such as images, videos, gifs and embedded 3D-models for example. These elements can help break up text-heavy slides and make the presentation more engaging.
  • Interactive charts and graphs: Seidat offers a possibility to add a variety of interactive charts and graphs that presenters can use to display data in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand matter.
  • Interactive forms: with Seidat, presenters can include interactive forms that allow viewers to input data and answer questions
  • Interactive quizzes and polls: Seidat allows presenters to add interactive quizzes and polls that viewers can participate in, making the presentation yet more engaging


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