Case study

Time Savings With Automations

Kuopio Ykköstilit is an accounting company with the resources of a big player and the heart of a small company.

The creation of offers is fully automated at Kuopion Ykköstilit. When prospects fill a form on our website, the data is transferred to HubSpot and from there to Seidat via Zapier. In Seidat, the offer template is copied and then filled in with the form information. Then the Seidat link to the offer is added back to HubSpot.

“When we use Seidat for offers instead of PDF’s (or similar), we are able to create significantly more visually pleasing offers and stand out from our competitors. In addition, creating offers with the automation saves time and minimises mistakes.”

Mikko Happonen, Sales Director, Kuopion Ykköstilit