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Seidat Startup program

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Seidat is your sales & marketing team’s flexible friend! You can integrate Seidat directly with your sales and marketing software ecosystem — with API and Zapier integrations, you can do wonders…

Seidat Startup Program

Don’t leave it to fate when to close!

When using Seidat, you know when your customers are reviewing your presentation and you can contact them at the perfect time. Your closing rate will increase magically, but fate has no role here!

Seidat esignThe whole sales process in one platform

With Seidat, you can do everything from creating the presentation to signing the contract with eSign — easy, right? 

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  • Link tracking

    Tracked Link Sharing

    Using shared link tracking, you can see which presentations have been viewed and for how many times – in real-time. Personalize your links to see who the viewer was as well!

  • Seidat CRM integrations

    CRM Integrations

    Integrate Seidat with your CRM system to streamline your sales and marketing processes.

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  • Zapier (4000+ apps)

    Use Zapier to create automations and integrations between Seidat and numerous different apps and software.

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  • eSign

    Seidat eSign

    Get your proposals accepted with Seidat’s built-in eSign feature. Save the PDF documents or forward the signed documents automatically to CRM. Seidat’s eSign utilizes quick and easy-to-use email authentication.

  • Seidat Analytics Integrations

    Analytics Integrations

    Collect data of the people visiting your presentations by integrating your analytics apps with Seidat. Analyze your presentation usage internally and externally to develop your ways of working.

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