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  • PowerPoint import with images
  • Presentation editing & presenting
  • Smart slides
  • Seidat webinars
  • Team & brand management
  • Pre-installed Google Fonts


299 € / month

+ 5 € per user

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Everything in “Personal”, plus

  • Onboarding – includes Workspace setup and 2-part onboarding workshop
  • Full PowerPoint import with editable elements, PDF export
  • Smart Slides
  • Team & brand management with all Google & Adobe Fonts
  • Unlimited media bank storage
  • Same-day chat responses


399 € / month

+ 7 € per user

Start with 14-day trial

Everything in “Core”, plus:

  • Custom fonts supported, incl. hosting.
  • Integrations and automations (Zapier, Pipedrive, Google Tag Manager)
  • Dedicated CSM
  • Customer support phone number (mon-fri, 9-17)
  • 45-minute onboarding session


499 € / month

+ 10 € per user

Start with 14-day trial

Everything in “Plus”, plus:

  • Seidat eSign
  • Annual user training (1x)
  • New features to be released soon (ask for details by contacting sales)

The displayed prices are monthly prices on an annual contract, charged every 12 months. Prices are excluded of VAT. Plan renews automatically after each period. T&C apply. * TypeKit link provided by the customer, ** excl. licensing.

Startup Program Seidat

Seidat onboarding gets you up to speed in a few hours

Workspace setup

Workspace setup speeds up the onboarding. Our team will setup brand settings, including fonts, logos, images, and other brand assets, before the first workshop. Key users will be added to the team, and initial user access levels will be granted.

2-part onboarding workshop

Workshop 1 (2 h):

  • How the first material can be imported from PowerPoint, created from Seidat templates or scratch
  • How to update, manage, create, present and share material
  • Role of different material in your business, including sales, training, internal material, marketing, and more.

Workshop 2 (1,5 h):

  • Internal and external analytics tools and why to use them?
  • Integrations – how they can help your business streamline the processes
  • Additional features that can be accessed later

Frequently asked questions, answered.

How many team members can I add to the team?

Seidat team sizes are unlimited. To help combat spam, we review each team before you can add more than 20 team members. This helps maintain our reputation and protects all of our customers.

How quickly can I start using my account?

Starting the trial will take less than a minute. You will find readymade presentation templates in the team, or you can import your own to get going in minutes.

What are my payment options?

For monthly subscriptions, we offer payment by credit card only. You can be invoiced via wire transfers if you choose to pay annually.

How is the team subscription price calculated?

The team subscription price consists of two parts, the base fee and the per-user fee. These are added to calculate the Seidat subscription price (displayed monthly, invoiced annually). Changes in the billing period and contract length apply.

We’re a big company. Do you offer discounts on larger teams?

We do offer incremental discounts on per-user fees. Once you enter the next discount tier, all per-user fees will be discounted. The steps are 20, 50, 100, 200, etc. Contact sales to learn more. 

Do you offer professional services?

We offer professional services, including training, material and sales consulting, team set-ups, and integrations.

Should we attend a training session?

While Seidat is a simple tool, our customers who attend training get more value from the tool compared to the “self-taught” clients. We offer free webinars and paid training sessions for our clients.

Where do you store customer data?

All of the application data is stored in data centres located in the EU or EEA.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

Please send all questions to

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