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About Our Startup Program

Seidat’s startup program aims to give businesses access to a best-in-class sales presentation platform for those who usually wouldn’t have the opportunity due to funding and budgetary restrictions.

We’re passionate about supporting small startups because we were one not too long ago.

Program requirements

Businesses must meet the following qualifications to be eligible for Seidat Startup Program.


Seidat startup Program

Your business’s annual turnover is

less than 2 million €


Seidat Startup program

Your business was founded within

last 5 years

New client

Seidat Startup Program

Your business does not have and never had Seidat subscription

Startup Core

299 € -> 75 €/ month

+ 5 € per user

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Startup Plus

399 € -> 100 € / month

+ 7 € per user

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Startup Pro

699 € -> 175 €/ month

+ 10 € per user

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The displayed prices are monthly on an annual contract, charged every 12 months. The plan renews automatically after each period. Costs are excluded from VAT. T&C apply.
Startup Program clients are eligible for the prices for the first three years. After three years, the subscription will continue with our standard rates. The trial can be started before the application has been approved. Once the review is done, the correct price will be changed for the team.

Frequently asked questions

How significant are the Startup Program discounts?

The average discount on the subscription base fee is over 75%

What happens at the end of the startup deal?

You will receive discounts for the first three years. After three years, your subscription will continue with our standard rates.

Can I change the plan after I start?

Yes, you will receive the same percentage discount on all plans regardless of the plan or user amount.

Which plan makes sense for my business?

It depends on your company’s needs. You can check our features page for differences in the plans. A Plus plan is suitable for most of our clients, whereas a Pro plan is chosen by those who want to have their entire sales process running with Seidat.

What is the support level I will receive?

Your company will receive the same level of support as the standard rate plan would receive.

How often are applications reviewed? We review applications at least once a week and contact all applicants after review.

I’m not qualified for the startup program or did not get accepted. What now?

You are more than welcome to use Seidat. Contact our sales to learn more or start your free 14-day trial here.

We haven’t finished our first fiscal year. Are we eligible?

The one million turnover limit only applies to companies that have finished a fiscal year. If you are in the first fiscal year, your company is eligible.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

Please send all questions to

Contact us, and let´s discuss more! Our average call-back time is less than one hour.

    Seidat Heikki Kärkölä