What is a winning sales presentation like?


Sales is a process with a beginning and an end. Nowadays, the starting point of the sales process is often digital. Either the seller is in contact with a potential buyer or the buyer contacts the seller through digital channels. There is a first encounter and a first impression. The first impression has a strong effect on how the buyer views the seller from now on.

Depending on the industry, the length of the process varies from minutes to years. In this article, I discuss sales, where the length of the sales process is typically measured in days or at most a few months. Most of the sales work will probably settle in this middle ground.

General information about winning sales presentations

This article is written about a winning sales presentation. The winning sales presentation should be viewed from two perspectives:

  1. First you need to determine the stage of the sales process you are talking about.

  2. At each stage of the sales process, the winning sales presentation is structured differently, but the recipe often consists of the same ingredients mixed in slightly different ways.


Various sales presentation materials

Before delving deeper into the key areas of sales presentations, I will go through the typical stages of sales where you should use different presentation materials:

  • Intro material for an appointment
  • Material to prepare for the meeting
  • Meeting material
  • Meeting note (sponsorletter)
  • Offer and contract materials

Intro material

Distribution method: Delivered to the customer via e-mail, social media as a message or for example as an SMS message

Goal: The goal is to help create an appointment or open a conversation.

Content recommendation: The most interactive content as possible: videos, bots, counters, landing pages, etc. That help the reader understand what it is all about and want to meet

Typical amount of content: 3-10 pages


Distribution method: The presentation will be delivered to the custmer in connecyion with a invitation or for example by e-mail before the meeting

Goal: Helps prepare for an appointment, raises the importance of the next appointment in priorizing the clients own use of time. Helps the buyer engage their own team to come the meeting

Content recommendations:Bots and forms to gather relevant information from the customer, helping the seller solve potential buyer challenges.

Typical amount of content: 3-10 pages.


Distribution method: Presented to the customer face to face or remotely, from a phone, tablet or computer. Presenting remotely, either with the help of screen sharing or, for example, with Seidat’s own network-saving approach.

Goal: The goal is determined according to the meeting. Often the goal is to map the need in more depth or present the solution.

Content recommendations: Sufficient content that supports the mapping of the need, makes the customer realize what it is all about, helps the seller to come up with different solution ideas, and supports weighing up alternative solutions or even creating the final solution together with the customer.

Typical amount of content: 20-200 pages.


Distribution method: After the meeting or between appointments to the client.

Goal: The goal is to support the buyer in sharing information within their own organization and to compile the problems and possible solutions with their benefits into one document.

Content recommendations: Clear visualizations and limited text. Often the same visualizations are suitable for different customers with very small changes. However, the content must always be customized and use the terminology used by the customer.

Typical amount of content: 5-20 pages.


Distribution method: The offer is often delivered to the customer by e-mail, but it is often necessary that it is also presented to them in person – nowadays often remotely.

Goal: Provides sufficient information to enable the customer to make a purchase decision. A good offer encourages you to make a decision as quickly as possible.

Content recommendations: A good offer has a clear summary (at best a customer-specific video) and a sufficiently detailed description of the delivery content, prices, delivery times and other conditions.

Typical amount of content: 3-15 pages, in large entities, the amount of content can be multiple


So what makes sales presentations winning and what does a winning presentation at all mean in the end? From the sales point of view, the content must be easy to use at every stage of the sale process, this gives the sellers time to focus on other tasks and the materials are high quality in every meeting. Winning a sales presentation from the customer’s perspective leaves the meeting and the follow-up a high-quality memory that makes accepting the offer quick and easy.

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