New Seidat Sales Flow Platform

A new Seidat has been born


Seidat has changed so much that we felt the need to organize a controlled rebirth. We want everyone to notice that something has happened – but what?

“Seidat is like Northern Lights, it’s moving in the sky, taking the message forward, constantly changing. It can be followed almost endlessly and there is always a new story to tell. ”

Our new mission is: Enabling Winning Sales Flows – we want to enable our customers to win in sales continuously. We want to make the winning so easy that you just get hooked there. Such an opportunity creates superiority, the blue sea – the space that everyone strives to create for their own business.

“In the Flow experience, a person devotes his or her full capacity to focused on goal-oriented activities, excluding everything else from his or her consciousness. Csíkszentmihályi has found in his research that people are happiest at such moments in their lives, ”says Wikipedia.

“When sales are in flow mode, nothing stops it.”

We think that sales flow arises from three areas: process, interaction, and collaboration. We want to support the whole sales process, from making appointments to meetings and then finally to closing deals – winning.

The sales process lives on interaction. In a sales meeting, the salesperson strives to create enough trust through interaction so that the customer opens his mouth and tells about his real needs – even the most secret wishes of all. At Seidat, we want the sales meetings to be like campfires, where the sales deck is like a fire around which people gather to be enchanted to discuss. When the interaction works smoothly, trust is created, trust leads to the discussion of problems, and then finally to the solutions. When the seller presents a solution, the buyer buys and the seller wins again.

To get the best possible and up-to-date materials for salespeople, the entire chain needs to function. Marketing creates material templates, product managers produce content, sales teams build segment-winning strategies, and individual salespeople customize everything to be customer-specific. On closer inspection, sales are often driven by insane machinery. The collaboration between the different members of the team needs to be really high quality. As Seidat enables, collaboration creates winners!

We created the visual identity design in collaboration with Buorre. Our new logo is a combination of our old reindeer antlers and our matrix-like slide deck structure. Now it explains better the essence of our entire product – how important it is to be able to create adaptive presentation materials.

A big thank you to the whole Buorre team! You have surpassed yourself again.

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