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Sales Design – The Next Evolution of Sales Development


Sales Design is a perspective that aims to make sales stand out, uniform in quality, reproducible and cost-effective.

At the heart of  Sales Design thinking is replicability and differentiation. What does that mean from an organisational perspective? I think this mindset forces us to break down the boundaries between sales and marketing.

Sales Design is a way of thinking – a philosophy that gives answers to how sales can be implemented, managed and developed. In a smooth sales process, unnecessary edges have been honed, but the sales situation creates a unique experience – an experience that will be remembered. A distinctive way to sell is winning.

It is often thought that products, services and brands need to be built to be distinct. Shouldn’t this be done for sales as well? The more distinctive your sales is, the better chances you have to distinguish also as a product, service, or brand. But – can you build a distinction if even the current model doesn’t exist? To stand out, there must be an operating model that works and grinds in a unified way. So a concept needs to be created for sales.

Why am I interested in Sales Design? Why have I begun to consider the whole issue? My academic background is in industrial design. So I have been trained to design industrially produced products and services – for both the digital and physical worlds. I have designed a lot of products in addition to services and more recently I have been focusing on sales development – our own sales, as our customers.

Sales Design can well be thought of as one sub-branch of the Service Design model. Service design, on the other hand, is one of the perspectives on design thinking. Common to all different design categories is a methodology that seeks to find new, more interesting perspectives on the interaction event – distinctiveness. The goal of service design is to create smooth and customer-friendly service paths that can be used to create a uniform and replicable service cost-effectively. In the same way, sales must be homogeneous, replicable and cost-effective. Building an operating model can be called sales design!

Sales Design exists to make your sales team sell more. If you are interested to discuss the topic with me, please click

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