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How to Create a Successful Sales Deck?


Sales is what keeps a company’s wheels rolling. When sales and meetings do not work, there is something that needs to be fixed in the process. The product or service can be OK but if sales feels difficult, it is possible that your sales tools are lacking in quality.

The sales meeting is the moment when you leave an impression of yourself and your company to the customer. It is not enough anymore to just present your product or solution at a meeting. A good salesperson can appeal to the customer’s emotions and focus on their dreams! The sales presentation works as an extremely important tool in this along with a sufficiently broad need survey. When the presentation has been built in the right way, it is easy to guide the meeting towards the hoped solution.

Investing in sales materials is worth it

It has been estimated that as much as a third of a sales person’s time goes to making presentations – all of this time flows out of sales.

Making presentations is felt to be a frustrating extra task. The neverending editing and managing of presentations result in the presentations gradually becoming insufficient and containing outdated information. This naturally reduces the company’s credibility in a sales meeting, if a customer is presented with false information. In addition to this, salespeople have a hard time forwarding a consistent message about the company since everyone has slightly differing materials.

A good sales presentation material gives you confidence

The sales presentation is the tool that conveys your company’s story to customers. The story builds up around a consistent structure that guides the meeting smoothly from start to finish. When all salespeople have coherent and up-to-date materials, customers get a clear picture of the company’s operations, ways of cooperation and service promise.

How to build a sales presentation?

The purpose of a presentation is to guide the meeting from start to finish by supporting the presenter. Planning a good presentation structure can be difficult especially if you have to start from nothing. Not knowing which topics to include and how to build a logical structure is also a problem. A good sales presentation includes for example:

  • Introduction of the company and product
  • Need discovery
  • Describing the specific problem the customer has
  • A common solution to that problem
  • Offering your solution to the problem
  • Key arguments and references
  • Next step, how to proceed?

Seidat has sales pitch templates that support this structure. These templates can be easily modified to suit your company’s brand. The presentation structure has been created by professionals and with it, you can easily create your own presentations that support your sales meetings.

With Seidat app, you can manage all the presentations you have made and keep them easily up-to-date.

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