Sales time out! Scaling success to new-hires

How to enable sales for new-hires in your sales team? Come join our sales time-out with Tim, Mikko and Emma and learn our tricks to level up your sales game!

Sales time out! Scaling success to new-hires

August 18, 2021

Save money with a fast training process

Come join our free 30-minute sales time-out webinar on how to get your new-hires to make your company money in the first month they're in your sales team!

When you've found the sweet spots in your field of business and you're making lots of sales, the natural way to scale up is hiring new people. That costs money and it might take as long as half a year before they bring any sales in. Making the training process even a little bit faster can save you tens or even hundreds of thousands in the long run. We'd like to share our knowledge on how to make everyone win faster!

The time-out will be hosted by Seidat's International Sales Manager Tim Babkin. Mikko Virtanen, CRO and Emma Ojapuska, CSM, will be giving their professional insight into the topic.

We will have a live chat open during the webinar for you to take part in the conversation and ask questions. There will be a recording available for people who have signed up trough the attached form.

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