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Save time with learning new, get the most out of the features, and speed up the process of deploying Seidat.

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key users

We train Seidat's management features and help lead the evolving operating culture. This keeps the presentations consistent and helps keeping the leadership.

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To help you keep your workflow nice and easy, we will train presentation creation & editing and other special features of Seidat.

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presenting & sales

How are interactive Seidat presentations used in different situations? What about remotely, face-to-face, across devices, with and without internet access? We go through these in training for presenters.

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seidat & right operating culture

make your team's life easier with great leadership

Everyone has a slightly different need for presentations, and therefore the ways in which they operate in Seidat also vary. However, certain laws remain the same on the platform, and learning them will help you find the best ways to take the most out of Seidat.

In training, our experts will advise you and your team on how to work with presentations in an optimal way. You save time and energy for yourself and your team.

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make more sales

with clear roles and processes

We go through the training on how to use Seidat to get more out of it in sales and what it takes for people in different roles.
We train, for example how to:
- Uuse your sales presentation face-to-face and remotely
- Share desired slides
- Create a customized quote with a template
- Share your offer securely with your client and go through it remotely or face-to-face
- Find your previously made presentations, offers and quotes in one place

Ask for a quote and we'll build a suitable training service package for your company!

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