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Trainings & consulting

Juho Toivola is one of Finland’s best-known and most-liked recruitment trainers. He has worked for a long time as a direct recruitment consultant and personnel assessment psychologist and has managed recruitment at Finnair and Elisa. Juho wants to improve the level of recruitment in Finland and, thereby, the entire Finnish working life.

“I like to use Seidat to plan the training structure, whether it’s a shorter session or a full-day training.”

Juho Toivola, Recruitment Consultant & Speaker

  • Seidat webinar

    How to create visually attractive presentations

    Learn the main attributes of a visually attractive sales presentation creation.

  • Fredrik Malmsten & Emma Ojapuska Seidat webinar

    Seidat Live Demo

    How does Seidat work, how to get all the potential out of it and what tricks can be used to make it even more efficient?

  • Heikki Kärkölä Seidat

    Give a presentation that doesn’t bore people to death

    We’ve all been there. Sitting through a presentation that keeps on going, every slide looks the same, and the presenter is just reading the stuff of the slide that is full of text. If it is an online meeting, you could go and fill up the dishwasher while listening; if it is a face-to-face presentation, you do everything to seem interested. Presentations like these do very little favor to anyone.