Sales time out webinar Tim Babkin

Sales Time Out! Align Marketing & Sales for Growth


Learn how to align your sales and marketing teams for faster, yet sustainable, growth. Guest star Mitchell Platt!

About the webinar

Get our free 30-minute sales time out webinar recording on how to get your sales and marketing teams to align for faster growth!

  • How structure ensures better ways of working
  • How training enables understanding
  • How targets align interests

The time out will be hosted by Seidat’s International Sales Manager Tim Babkin. Our guest, Mitchell Platt, will be giving his professional insight into the topic. Mitchell has extensive experience in helping companies to innovate and enable sustainable growth.

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Your hosts for the webinar

Tim BabkinInternational Sales Manager

+46 81

Mitchell Platt

Mitchell PlattFounder at WeFill

Ex General Manager UK at Growth Tribe Ex Business Development Manager at Virgin Founder at Resident Review

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