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Seidat admin features training

February 10, 2021
at 4-5 pm

Make sure your whole company has the latest brand and content in their slides

Learn how to manage your teams presentations by mastering the user rights, smart slides and brand management in Seidat.
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Seidat as a marketing and sales tool

December 15, 2020

Automate, integrate, generate leads, manage presentation decks, close deals

How to minimize the time consumed and maximise the results?
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Seidat user training webinar basic level

December 9, 2020

Learn the corner stones of Seidat and how to use it

We'll go through the very basic things related to creating material, editing and sharing presentations in Seidat.
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Sales and marketing webinar

November 12, 2020

How to get sales and marketing teams to work together?

In this webinar, we discuss about the collaboration between your sales and marketing team and how to make it work.
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Sales design webinar

October 13, 2020

Make your sales process one of your best advanges

How to make your sales process distinctive, cost-effective and repeatable with consistent results?
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Winning sales deck

August 25, 2020

Structure, content and visuality

In the webinar, we will go through the main attributes of a winning sales presentation deck.
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How to Succeed in Inside Sales

June 22, 2020

You will learn how to build an inside sales concept for your business

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