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Certified professionals

The Seidat partnership means that the company has completed a Seidat certificate, or they have been trained to use the Seidat presentation platform to serve the end customer in the best possible way.

At Seidat, we also do design work directly for end customers, but as a partner you can provide the service yourself to your clients.

What does it mean to be a Seidat partner?

With Seidat, you improve the competitiveness of your business to provide your customers with high-quality, easy-to-manage presentation entities that will work for many different uses. With Seidat you can build, for example, sales and company presentations, but also marketing materials and lead magnet content to support marketing automation.

Co-operation model with us

We always build a collaborative model according to the partner's resources and will, so that delivering presentations to customers is as easy as possible. As a partner, you can use Seidat Ltd as a subcontractor in designing and implementing presentations or implement projects yourself. However, all user training for the end customer is primarily handled by Seidat Ltd, so that the information shared in the training is always the latest.

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