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Seidat is the place for you, if you want to get to the forefront of the sales industry. We are improving every day here.

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Working with us is fun. We encourage each other to get better results in our awesome and relaxed team.

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In a small team, you can influence your own job description. We have no limits to growth.


and help our customers to reach their goals

When you feel comfortable at work, solving customer problems is as easy as it can be. It's always a team effort to make things work, so building and keeping our team spirit up is very important to us.

We're also very lucky to have customers who are at least as excited about Seidat as we are. This makes the job even more meaningful.

- You get the freedom to do your job your own way, choosing your working hours and if you want to work from home or come to the office
- Even though the work is serious, sometimes you have to be able to relax. Relaxation means different things to every one of us, but many of us like to take a break to challenge a work mate to a ping pong match or get ice cream out of the freezer


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