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Impress your audience

with embedded videos, 3D-panoramas, websites...

Creating visual and creative presentations in Seidat is easy, especially with the multiple content options we have to offer. In addition to images, gif-animations and videos, it's simple to embed engaging and interactive online content, such as 3D environments, panoramas, graphs and other websites in the presentations. Say good bye to boring presentations!

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invite your colleagues to collaborate

With Seidat team subscription and co-working space, it's easy to keep your whole teams' presentations always up-to-date. You will have a shared dashboard and a slide bank where it's easy to pick the materials you need for your meetings.

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Seidat - team collaboration
Seidat - Matrix and presenter view

keep everyone focused

show only the most relevant slides of your slide deck

Different audiences need different presentations. With the innovative matrix and presenter view navigation in Seidat, you can easily tweak your presentation to fit any situation - on the spot. Step through the top slides for an elevator pitch or dive into more detail. With this feature, you also won't have to create a new slide deck before every presentation or a meeting!

save time with smart slide

update all copies of one slide at once

Manage your generally used slides from one place and update all of your slide decks by just one click with Seidat's Smart Slide! With this feature, you make sure all of your team members always have the latest versions in use and restrict the editing rights to certain slides from certain people in your team. This gives you the ultimate control. No more out-dated information on your company slide decks!

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Seidat - Smart slides

share your work by a link

and keep control at all times

With Seidat, sharing your slide decks is incredibly easy, safe and controlled. You can share your work by Live Share during a phone call and keep control of what happens on the viewers screen. Or share a link where your audience can go through your presentation in their own time - you choose. No e-mail attachments, downloads or installations required.

...On any device

you can edit and present where ever, when ever

You never know when a presentation may be needed. Having your presentations online and up to date, available on any device, means that you are always prepared. Everyone, both in your team and those viewing your shared presentations, will also see your updated slides in real-time.

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Seidat - On any device
Seidat - Font styles

keep your brand consistent

material bank, color palette, fonts...

Using pre-defined styles and colour palette, it's simple to keep the same look through all presentations. The whole team also shares the same image bank, and your images are automatically optimized. Wherever they are used, they will show up beautifully and load quickly.

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