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You never know when a slide show is needed or when your laptop lets you down. When your pitch deck is always online, up-to-date and available on all devices, you are practically always well prepared. If necessary, you can remotely play the presentation from your phone to a client's device via the Seidat Live link. Handy, isn't it?

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Seidat - works on any device
Seidat - presenters' view

Show only the most relevant slides

with Seidat's matrix and presenter view navigation

All clients are different, so it is always worth adjusting the presentation slightly to the audience. Seidat's matrix side structure and presenter view allow you to easily adapt your presentation to different situations.

As a presenter, you change pages in the presentation, the recipient sees only what you show them. You can progress in any order, or even edit pages during a presentation, without the audience having to notice.

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Make presenting easy in online meetings

with Seidat Live share

As a Seidat user, you can present your slides remotely just via a link. In order to open the presentation, the recipient does not need to do any downloads, installations or logins. Clicking on the link is enough! Pages change in real time while you control the presentation. The recipient will not be able to advance on the material by themselves - you will remain in the driver's seat. Conversation can be held easily, e.g. over the good old phone.

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Seidat - quality

Lighter and more reliable solution

for better meeting quality in online meetings

Seidat's lighter technology allows pages to change faster and smoother, without freezing the screen while maintaining superior image quality and sound quality in videos. Also, as videos can be embedded directly into a presentation no separate video links are required!

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company deck, sales presentation, offers, meeting memos, general slide bank

Seidat makes it easy to keep everything from digital brochures to corporate and sales presentations and offer templates in one place, editable, up to date and linked to each other.

Presentations can always be shared via link before and / or after the meeting, and you can quickly put together the set you need.

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