Seidat is upswinging the way companies sell. These are their stories.


Case company

Hoivatilat Oy is a stock listed company specializing in constructing, maintaining and leasing out care facilities such as kindergartens and senior homes. Hoivatilat leases its care facility solutions primarily to private service providers, but also to municipalities. In 2016 Hoivatilat had a revenue of 7,6 million euros.

Challenge and solution

As for Hoivatilat, presentations are the main tool used in interacting with potential clients, it is vital that the material is communicating the right message. This was something that  was not on a sufficient level and needed to be improved.

Seidat created a business presentation that tells Hoivatilat's story in a visually attractive way with a professionally designed structure to support the presenter.

Another objective of the partnership was to create presentations specifically of Hoivatilat’s construction services. Due to the complexity of the industry Hoivatilat wanted to be able to showcase their projects in a 360 degree agle. To do this, Hoivatilat needed features like 3D modeling and video embedding within their presentations. This was no issue with Seidat as embedding web material is one of Seidat's basic features.

We created and designed two presentations of Hoivatilat’s business and showcase projects.


As a result of the partnership Hoivatilat now uses Seidat as their main sales tool as they can demonstrate their services easily without exiting the presentation.
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