Seidat is upswinging the way companies sell. These are their stories.


Case company

Hella is a globally operating family-owned company listed on the stock exchange employing approximately 34,000 people at over 125 locations. With sales of around 6.4 billion euros, Hella is one of the world’s top 40 automotive suppliers and ranks among the 100 largest German industrial companies. Finland's Salo office works mostly with indoor and marine lighting.


Hella needed a tool to help showcase the entire product set. Prior to using Seidat, they used other presentation tools. However, they were not satisfied with the linear navigation as it isn't always necessary to show all the products at once. Also, they were interested in not only presenting the product information, but actually demonstrating the models in detail. This was very important as Hella's products might seem quite similar to one-another, with some slight details making the the difference.


Seidat’s 3D modeling embed and the 360-degree view features were ideal solutions to Hella. Hella's unique products are now showcased in several presentations we, Seidat, created for them. The presentations include all of their products, where each and every product has a special 3D model embedded on the slide. With Seidat's matrix navigation it's easy to pass unimportant slides with each customer and only show the relevant ones.

The presentations were created in form of a digital catalog showcasing 3D models of the products. Storytelling sells and creating presentations that tell a great story is the way to the customers' hearts. Hella managed to light up their customers' emotions via Seidat by telling the story customers need to hear, still giving the right arguments. The data collected and stored in our image bank, and the visual concept also complemented it very well.

Seidat's image bank stores all of Hella's pictures used in the presentations so that every time they're needed they are easily found.

In addition to creating presentations, we held training sessions for Hella as well as created presentations for staff training. It’s a real pleasure to have Hella as a client, and even more so knowing that they are satisfied with our product and services.

Customer experience

«Never before Seidat have we managed to showcase our product via a presentation tool. It’s convenient to be able to do so while presenting, without having to change the tool at all. Besides, with their navigation we can show the products our customers want to see keeping theim interested. It’s a perfect tool for companies like us!»
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