There are a few top priorities we consider when creating presentations. Branding, doubtlessly, makes it to top 5. Ergo, one of the features we like to brag about is “the brand identifier” which makes sure you set your brand up properly and your customers remember you easily through it.

So, when you sign up for Seidat before you start creating your presentations, think about your brand.

What are the colors you use? What about the fonts?

And those are only to begin with …

Click on the brand icon to set up the colors and fonts which identity with your company. We believe that setting up your brand design before creating presentations helps you with consistency. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t change anything later. You will find the same brand icon in the editor slide when you are creating presentations. You can reach for the brand settings anytime, even after starting to create them.

First the color picker. It looks simple, like this:

No rocket science, you know your colors - you choose them, and they are ready for usage. What I personally like about having the colors limited in presentations, is that you can’t go wrong with the brand. I have seen many slides where they use different shades and tone. It doesn’t align with the image the company tries to create, and simply it doesn’t look good.

Similar to the text. In Seidat we have a large library of fonts which you can pick from. If we don’t have the font you want to use, then let us know and we will do some magic to add it there. It’s broadly suggested for companies to not use many different fonts. The minimalistic, the better.

A few notes:

  • The names on the left side you can edit by yourself so that when you pick from the list you know exactly what the font is about.

  • The font colors resemble the same colors you have already picked in the colors picker.

  • The style you choose to be the default one will be the initial style for every text box. Make sure that it’s the one you use the most in presentations, so you don’t need to change it very often.

  • One very important thing is that it’s wise to not change these styles after you have created several presentations. These styles are smart so they will update in every presentation you have created and if not changed properly you can create a mess in the previously created presentations.

And very importantly, the preview. Through the preview window, you can see the samples of what you have created. If you don’t like something, or the styles don’t align well - go ahead and modify them until you’re happy!

Now you know about the brand options, and I believe it is time to give it a try. There are many other features you can discover along the way.

Suvi Heinikoski, Marketing Manager
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