Three cars drive along a small road meandering between the mountains. There is complete silence in the cars because everyone is just admiring the views. The previous night was spent on the train and ahead is many hours of driving. No one has complained, however, not a word.

Seidat set goals concerning sales and the number of users in November, and the whole team worked hard to fulfil these goals until the end of March. There is always a small prize in achieving goals, this time it was a skiing trip for the whole group to Riksgränsen, in Swedish Lapland. When the goals were met, everyone had a train ticket in their hand the next day. When we do something, we do it together.

At worst, company trips can be total disasters in which no one enjoys themselves, but at best you learn new sides of your colleagues and then you understand them better also in the working environment. Seidat’s trip was very good, if not even perfect.

Not having a daily agenda can be a situation that leads to conflict on any kind of trip. One wants to go walking to town, the other skiing, the third wants to stay at the cabin to read a book. Finding the common ground can be at least challenging, or even impossible. Things can get even worse in a work community when it’s a group of ten people with completely different interests.

The following situation describes a well-functioning team better than any team analysis on paper could describe:

The breakfast has just been eaten and people are thinking about what to do today. Suggestions are being made and people are nodding to the suggestions that feel most suited for them. We go through the different suggestions together, quickly choose the best ones, and start thinking about how to do them. Suddenly the CEO shouts out, “hey let’s do a road trip to Lofoten instead!”. Everyone gets excited and starts getting ready. Sandwiches are made also for everyone, someone goes to get enough snacks and water for all the cars. Fifteen minutes later we are all sitting in the cars ready for a six-hour road trip towards the unknown.

If collaboration is at this level also in the work environment, the end result cannot be anything but a diamond. Everyone gets to be heard, everyone knows what to do, and the end result created together brings the team to the next level.

Does your company witness this kind of seamless cooperation? If you are not sure, I recommend taking the whole team on a trip, since there is really not a better way to weave the team together.



Noora Halttunen
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