Myyntipeli is the largest annual event in Finland that focuses on sales. It is organised by Mika D. Rubanovitsch (“Ruba”) and this year the event gathered almost 2000 people at Espoo Metro Areena. Seidat was in charge of all of the presentations at the event.

What happened backstage?

Before the event, we collected the materials from Ruba and the other speakers and created the contents and design of the event site. Most of the speakers delivered their materials to us in ready PPT-format. We transferred these presentations to the Seidat app by the click of a button and corrected possible mistakes. We gave all of the speakers a short training about how the app works at the event and how everything will progress.

The night before the event, we went to Metro Areena to check that everything is ready and working. We checked the internet access and that the presenter view has images in the right size. We also checked that the arena’s big-screen works with us, the remote controls work and that the video sounds are just right. With Ruba, Tero and Aku we agreed on the details of the event.

Our moment of truth

When the event started, our moment of truth began. The big screens at Metro Areena are relatively old and their picture quality is not very good. The stage was set right under the big screen so the screens were a bit too high for people situated next to the stage. Therefore at the start of the event, Tero instructed everyone to take their phones and to go to There people could see the event program and the slides of the speakers. That moment was exciting for us because over a 1000 people took their phones at the same time and opened Seidat to see the presentations. We had done extensive stress tests beforehand, but nevertheless, I was relieved when everything worked smoothly.

The speakers controlled their presentations with a remote. They could see the current, next and previous slide at the speaker’s screen set up at the front side of the stage. We monitored the presentation that the speaker switched slides at the right pace and helped in case there seemed to be a problem – most likely the speakers did not even notice this, which means that everything went wonderfully.

The event was managed with Seidat Live Share

Backstage we had two computers. One computer screen was mirrored in presenter view and the other was shown on the big screen. We also had a tablet that we used to follow the slides shared to event guests. The Live Share of Seidat app made sure that all screens had the right slide within tenths of a second. As a backup, we could have also had the presentations working offline in case there would have been internet problems.

As the event progressed, the schedule changed a bit. The changes were smooth to make because as we updated the event program at Seidat app, the new schedule was visible to everyone right away. Updating changes would have been an impossible task without Seidat. We had also added social media sharing buttons in the event program to make it easier for guests to use the right kind of hashtags. People could take a screenshot on their phone and with one click share it for example to Twitter.

The event was a huge success on our behalf: the speakers had the right slides, the videos ran smoothly and everything worked nicely. We want to thank Aku and his group and big thanks also to Ruba for having us at the event again! So many people got to try out Seidat and it’s super simple presentation world. I can only imagine what kind of a mess the event could have been without Seidat. The video below (in Finnish) shares some feelings right before the event began.

The event does not end when people leave the arena

After the event, the program works as a place where all the presentations are available for viewing. You can still access all the presentations here:

Even though Seidat was built as a presentation platform to sales meetings, it proved yet again how well it functions in different kinds of events. You can give Seidat a go easily by registering for free at

Paulus Perkkiö, CEO
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