Presentations with a large number of slides have become irritating these days. People are no longer fond of listening to everlasting presentations shown slide-by-slide. And who blames them? It is boring to sit down and listen to something which time after time becomes irrelevant to you.

For this reason, and beyond, navigation is here to save the day. And not just any navigation...

Presentation navigation options: Linear and non-linear

In the world of presentations, we encounter two main types of navigation so far: linear and non-linear navigation. Most of the presentation tools simply run on linear navigation path. The typical situation when the presenter takes you from slide A to slide B, to slide C, and so on. The deal breaker of having stories told in a strict order is the fact that you have to keep people interested throughout the entire presentation. Telling stories in a strict order is, more often than not, flawed, especially in sales. The sales process itself is not linear, and it might change at any moment, all depending on the person on the other side of the story.  In these modern presentation times, it is smart to be more adventurous when presenting.

Take for example Prezi. Prezi, a presentation software company with headquarters in Budapest and San Francisco, has changed the way people see presentations. When creating a presentation, the presenter can choose the path by themselves. They can easily jump from point A to point D, and then back to B. This way of presenting has been proved successful and on so many levels much more exciting for the audience.

Yet, even a flexible path is still a path. You can play around with it while creating a presentation, but you need to be loyal to it when you are presenting. Speaking from a business point of view, we thought this is still far from ideal.

An imagined scenario

One simple scenario could follow so: you simply don’t know your potential customer very well and you are trying to sell them socks. You start presenting your collection to them and you suddenly find out that they are planning to move from Spain to Finland, by the end of October. You have set up a presentation path, showing the socks categorized in seasons, from Spring to Winter. Clearly, Finnish weather doesn't allow for light wear that long. As soon as you find out about their plans, you have two options: either continue with the planned path and show them the entire collection (have them lose interest between Summer and Autumn collection) or skip ahead to the fury socks collection by skipping slides unprofessionally fast, causing an awkward situation.

Such cases can happen not only with socks but with your product as well.

Seidat's navigation system based on a matrix

This is a point when Seidat’s navigation system serves its purpose. We have developed a matrix which lets the presenter show exactly what they want the audience to see. This way even presentations with an extra amount of slides would not be boring, or irrelevant. In fact, they would be an asset - the more options you have to show, the more prepared you are for any kind of situation.

Now, to the practicalities!

When you are ready to present your masterpiece, hit the play icon on the top of the sidebar.

It will take you automatically to the last slide you were at. If you look closely at the right side of the presentation, there is a matrix. That is where the magic happens.

You can decide whether you want the matrix to be visible or invisible during the presentation. That can be done by taking the cursor close to it and choosing the options shown. Again, no worries, when you are sharing your presentation live with your customer, they can’t see what you are doing. They will only enjoy the slide itself.

Back to navigation, depending on which slide you want to show, whether it’s the one that follows or three slides ahead, you can go to the presentation overview mode and see all the slides. Again, only you are able to see those slides.

This is how the overview looks like.

You can present via matrix mode all along the way. The audience will only see the slides. Meanwhile, you can decide which slides are more appropriate to show next.

Now, go ahead and take full advantage of our navigation system. Click below to sign up for Seidat. If there something you’d like to share, or you just want to say hi, email me at I’d love to hear from you.

Psstt! Here's the beautiful socks presentation if you'd like to check out!

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Suvi Heinikoski, Marketing Manager
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