1. Catchy - easy to remember

There are two kinds of people. Some memorize things by seeing them, and others remember almost anything they hear. When a great visually created presentation is on the sight, you might be both of these people.

When creating presentations make sure to use visual triggers so that your audience remembers you and your story.

2. Illustrations are everything but boring

“Boring” is every presenter’s worst nightmare! Adding some illustrative spices to your presentations helps to keep this boredom away. These illustrations can be anything that can well represent your ideas. Here’s one: If you are dealing with numbers and percentages, using the normal “report-style” diagrams is boring! Instead, try using other meaningful shapes to get your audience’s attention.

3. Brand Influence

Another factor which adds to the visual part of the presentations is your company’s brand. You can have a top-notch presentation but if your brand is nowhere to be identified people will forget. They will eventually disconnect the dots and your amazing presentation will become just another great presentation they saw at a meeting or conference a while ago. It’s easy to keep your brand visible if you are using Seidat; everything you need to set up for your brand identity is in the settings. Those settings are easy to manage and they bring the brand to the sight when presenting.

4. Time-saving

As confusing as it sounds, utilizing visuals when creating presentations saves time. Presentations full of text require more time as you need to slowly compile the text by thinking about what to take in or leave out. It’s not just randomly said that “a picture speaks a thousand words!”. In terms of presentations, a picture might not even speak those words itself, but it will help you do so. And it will help your audience remember better!

5. The same presentation - to various audiences

It’s a good thing that nearly all visual graphics are understood the same way to different cultures and people. Having said that, you can use the same presentation to various audiences without worrying that you need to translate everything, or rewrite it.

6. More interactivity from the audience

The last but equally important: interactivity. We hear it every here and there, especially within the same sentence with presentations. Using visuals can help making the atmosphere more mysterious and gets people to think, thereby focus more on what you have to show. You can use pictures, videos, infographics to initiate conversations while asking questions and creating riddles. This way, unconsciously, you can have your audience present with you, the very same presentation you have created.

We have paid special attention to the visual power of presentations with Seidat. There's a lot you can do to increase the quality of your presentations

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